Book 3 Chapter 14.2

Book 3 Chapter 14.2 - Intercept

The sky brightened some more. 

This time, what Su’s left hand looted from the corpses was not just a magazine, but also a standard Scorpions of Disaster assault rifle. With just a few seconds of work, the barrel of the rifle in Su’s hands was exchanged for the assault rifle’s one. Under the gradually brightening sky, Su’s hands moved with a graceful rhythm, the skintight tactical gloves not damaging his hands’ beauty at all. Meanwhile, the fingers that were exposed outside were like sparkling snow, white to the point where they shouldn’t belong to this world. It was unknown just how long Su fought, but even if they turned over an enemy corpse that was covered in blood and dirt, his ten fingers would still not be contaminated by a speck of dust. 

It was as if war was supposed to be this clean, efficient, and spotless. 

The clock was already pointing at twelve. Due to the thick layer of radiation clouds,...

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