Book 3 Chapter 14.1

Book 3 Chapter 14.1 - Intercept

After inspecting the last corpse, Su stood up, and then he gazed into the distance that was still hidden in heavy mist. From time to time, rumbling cannon sounds would ring through the air, illustrating that the battlefield was still extremely intense. There was no need to doubt the strength of the Black Dragonriders, especially during desperate straits. Even if they had been surrounded by military strength several times that of their own for four days, it seemed like completely wiping them out was still quite a difficult task for the Scorpions of Disaster.

Even though they were subordinates with ordinary abilities, their strength were still much greater than that of ordinary Scorpions of Disaster soldiers and no much different than armored soldiers. Meanwhile, a subordinate that was relatively stronger could deal with an armored soldier on their own. A Dragonrider, even if they were just a private ranked one, their powerful battle strength was definitely enough to wipe out a small group of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers. As for Li Gaolei and Li whose strength were already equivalent to lower officer level dragonriders, they couldn’t be evaluated normally. 

Wars of the age of turmoil were already completely different from that of the olden era. The foundations of large industries were already completely wiped out, and weapon systems that relied on precise processed components that could only be produced in small amounts became mainstream. At the same time, the sharp increase in personal abilities already shattered the equilibrium of battle. When using equipment of the same level and given sufficient time and space, individuals with greater abilities could easily wipe out several hundred or even over a thousand normal soldiers. Numbers and cannon fodder tactics were already things rarely used. The deaths of large amounts of Scorpions of Disaster normal soldiers only managed to exchange for dragonrider subordinates and ordinary soldier losses. Only after a dragonrider was left alone and used up all of his ammunition and supplies would there be a chance of him falling under the hands of ordinary soldiers. 

Originally, the most effective way to deal with the Black Dragonriders was to send out someone like Martham to directly kill the subordinates and soldiers under the dragonrider. Inside Pendulum City’s dragonriders, apart from Ricardo who had Su’s subordinates with him, there weren’t any other dragonriders who could put up a resistance against this terrifying giant. Four days later, the dragonriders within the enclosure were still fighting back intensely, so it seemed like a powerful individual like Martham wasn’t going to enter the stage. Where was he hiding then?

In the age of turmoil, even though humans have adapted to this type of environment through basic evolution, the number of people that remained from when the battle begun was just a small percentage. Even if one wanted to expand their armed forces to a larger scale, it would still be hard for them to find men and women of suitable ages. How could the Scorpions of Disaster invest thousands of troops into a single battlefront? And where did all of these people come from?

Su thought deeply about this question, but he couldn’t find an answer. If one used the strength of the Blood Parliament as comparison, the scope of the Scorpions of Disaster’s control should be several times that of the Blood Parliament, reaching several hundreds of thousands of square kilometers, and only then would they be able to gather this many troops and throw close to ten thousand into one battlefield as cannon fodder. 

In addition, the dead Scorpions of Disaster soldiers were just like before, their bodies so packed with life force that Su had the illusion that what he had killed was not a fully armed soldier, but rather an infant that had not yet weaned. 

While in deep thought, Su begun to dismantle one of the Scorpions of Disaster’s assault rifle. He disassembled it, put it together, and then disassembled it again. Several dozen components danced about between those hands that only had their fingertips revealed, as if they possessed their own intelligence. After continuously dismantling it three times, Su finally felt satisfaction towards this rifle’s quality. The damaged components were all exchanged with the components of other rifles. He carried the rifle on his back and brought two magazines before heading into the warzone depths. 

Before he even walked out a kilometer, Su noticed that another group of soldiers were currently hurrying in this direction. He leaned his body slightly, and then with a small sprint, he entered an abandoned building 200 meters away. Then, he quietly sat down and even closed his eyes to get some rest. 

A group of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers walked out from the dense mists. They dispersed in a lax horizontal formation. Two armored soldiers walked out first, their electronic goggles continuously flickered with radiance as they swept their eyes over the surrounding region. 

Su looked like as if he was completely asleep, allowing this group of soldiers to pass by. He did not collect all of his aura, instead only controlling his aura until it was just enough to avoid these two armored soldiers’ detection. 

When this loosely organized group of soldier completely passed him, only then did Su walk out from the building he was hiding in. He stood at the center of the spacious and empty street, raising his weapon to aim at the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers who were only a hundred meters out. Their movements weren’t slow or fast, unhurried as if they were strolling about on a day off work. 

Monotonous gunshots sounded. Only when four of their companions fell onto the ground did the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers notice that an enemy appeared behind them!

They already used their fastest speed to turn around, crouch down, search for their target, aim, and even fire two rounds! However, gunshots continuously sounded, and the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers continued to fall one after another at inconceivable speeds. 

Meanwhile, Su stood just like that in front of the hail of bullets, using the Scorpions of Disaster assault rifles’ single firing mode to shoot down the enemies a hundred meters out one after another. Bullets whistled through the air towards him from the other side. Su usually stood there without moving, only occasionally shifting left, right, or slightly crouching, and just just like that, avoided all of the bullets that came at him. 

Before ten second were up, this group of over 20 Scorpions of Disaster soldiers only had the two armored soldiers left! 

The assault rifle maintained a constant speed of three rounds per second as it fired, but this slow firing speed instead produced an incredibly cold and horrifying calmness. Two rounds of bullets first shot at the machine gun in the armored soldiers’ hands, and then bullets rained down one after another on their helmets and goggles. Even though these two armored soldiers began to stagger backwards from the force of the bullets, the point where the bullets landed seemed to be nearly identical! Not even the Black Dragonriders’ protective goggles could resist an assault rifle’s continuous fire, let alone the Scorpions of Disaster’s bullet proof tactical lens that were a grade lower. 

After each of them took three rounds of bullets, Su looked at the two goggle lens that were covered in cracks with satisfaction, and then he pulled the trigger again. This time, blood and brain fluid finally seeped out from the cracks of the protective goggles. 

Su walked between this ground covered in corpses. 

A light clack sounded. An empty magazine that still carried scorching heat dropped onto the ground, and then a hand covered in tactical gloves retrieved a fully loaded magazine from one of the corpses. Then, two thick and sturdy military boots followed the spacious and empty streets into the distance. His footsteps were heavy and calm, maintaining a constant rhythm this entire time. Even when Su’s figure disappeared into the mist, the faint sound of footsteps continued to linger about this ground of corpses. 

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