Book 3 Chapter 13.6

Book 3 Chapter 13.6 - Awakening

“I don’t know either!” Li buried her head into her arms, saying somewhat gloomily, “What has he even done for me? I don’t even see him that often throughout the year, and the amount of money he gives me is little too, yet I still have to fight for him with my life on the line. That woman is fooling around with him, yet I can’t do anything either. Who made her prettier and stronger than me? But if they want to go to bed together, won’t it be fine if I just leave? They don’t have to tie me up and throw me into a wardrobe, right?!”

When Li Gaolei heard this, he roared with laughter. Li who became even more gloomy couldn’t vent out her feelings, so she could only hit her head heavily on the ground twice. Either way, her body was sturdy, so even if she was hit a few times, she wouldn’t break. 

“And as for you, I still want to be his woman, but why in the world did you follow along and become a subordinate too? Isn’t staying back at Roxland just fine? At least you have some freedom.” Li asked. 

Li Gaolei stretched his body a bit. He leaned against the wall and slowly said, “Roxland can be called a large company, but there is no way it can compare to huge monsters like the Blood Parliament or the Black Dragonriders. In the past, perhaps these huge monsters were all busy dealing with internal problems, so they didn’t have the excess energy to expand. Meanwhile, in the vast wilderness, apart from radiation and garbage, there’s nothing much for them to take. That is why various inhabited areas of different sizes came into existence, and a company like Roxland can continue its operations. However, this era is currently passing by. I could feel that these large fellas are currently shifting their eyes towards the distance where they previously never cared about, and their speed of expansion is increasing as well. Soon, no, actually now, these large fellas should have already finished their mutual probing and begun fighting! Do you think Roxland who is stuck between these powerful fellas has any chance of survival? This is, unless they completely abandon their military force and attach themselves to a certain power, becoming one of their ‘companies’, in the olden era’s sense.”

Li impatiently scratched her hair. She cut Li Gaolei off and said, “I know about all of this, but this isn’t the main reason!”

Li Gaolei knew that Li normally looked like a rough girl, but she was actually extremely sharp on politics and military affairs, to the extent where it was more than what an eighteen year old girl should have. The reason he said all of that was simply to vent out some of his sorrow and regret. These words were likely spoken for himself. When he heard that Li was already a bit impatient, Li Gaolei chuckled and said, “Actually, the main reason I followed leader is because he treated us like people just like himself, not like the other great figures who, deep down, don’t think of ordinary people like us as similar life forms as themselves. Also, even if I die, as long as leader is fine, for the sake of my grave, he would most likely continue to take care of Sally.”

Everything Li Gaolei said was the truth. However, there was one sentence he didn’t say, and that was that this eighteen year-old troublesome girl truly didn’t make him feel at ease. He had to stay close and watch over her, so as to avoid her being chopped up or having her become some powerful fella’s plaything. 

Li obviously didn’t know this point. After hearing Li Gaolei’s words, she asked with some doubt, “Didn’t leader grow up in the wilderness together with us? What is so strange about him treating us like similar people?”

Li Gaolei shook his head and said, “No, it’s still different! We are just some bugs that took advantage of others in the wilderness, while leader is someone that completely embodies the wilderness!”

The night was extremely long, but the first rays of morning sun finally arrived. 

Under the faint light of morning, a squadron of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers were currently advancing towards the position scheduled in advance. There were actually four armored soldiers among this troop, as well as a battlefield commander with strengthened intelligence and perception abilities. The military strength of this troop was clearly several times that of ordinary small troops. Their mission was to set up a ring of ambush between the trapped dragonriders and the base, attacking any potential reinforcements. 

While moving, the battlefield commander seemed to have sensed something and ordered for the entire troop to stop moving. Meanwhile, she looked into the distance herself. Her sight ability was ten times that of an ordinary person’s, but in this dim lightning, as well as smoke and mists suffusing the air, she couldn’t see that far either. This female commander looked extremely young. Her face was without any expression, and on her forehead was a row of digits: D306. In this infantry troop of hers, apart from the armored soldiers that were all wrapped within alloy armor, the other soldiers’ foreheads all had numbers as well, the smallest being 30603, and the highest being 30641.

The commander took out a pair of high-powered binoculars, and this time, through the lens, she finally saw a clear figure. 

It was a single person walking over alone. Around him was a thick and long cloak that was almost completely wrapped around his body. Under the hood’s darkness, she could see a bit of flickering green radiance. Behind him was a long rifle, unknown what kind of model it was, but it shouldn’t be anything advanced. Only, the length of the gun barrel and the caliber looked extremely shocking, far surpassing that of an ordinary rifle. 

What left the commander shocked was that he unexpectedly didn’t show any signs of concealing himself, instead directly walking in this direction! Forget about his body temperature, just his footsteps faintly sounded in the commander’s keen ears!

This guy was already dead. This was the first thought that entered the commander’s head. 

Regardless of whether it was the Scorpions of Disaster or dragonriders, they would always immediately attack anyone that isn’t on their own side. They wouldn’t care if that person was innocent at all. 

Could it be that this person was blind? This was the second thought that the commander thought.

How long was the gap between these two thoughts? No matter how one tried to describe it, it was still an almost negligible amount!

In reality, between these two thoughts, the commander only saw two scenes. One was that person currently walking towards her, and the other was that person raising his gun and aiming at her. As for how that shocking rifle was removed from his back, or how it aimed at herself, this entire process was completely unknown!

Meanwhile, the third scene was the muzzle spraying out a sphere of light.

20 seconds later, a rather unremarkable piece of information appeared on the optical screen in front of Diaster: Squad 306 completely wiped out!

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