Book 3 Chapter 13.5

Book 3 Chapter 13.5 - Awakening

Ricardo released a bitter laugh, feeling helpless in this dispute again. They were originally moving together, but Ricardo made an error while in command, leading them right into an enemy ambush point and they ultimately ended up completely scattered. Ricardo, Li Gaolei and Li each separately held off an enemy troop, covering the subordinates to break out. In this place where communications and resupply means were all cut off and enemies laid in wait everywhere, being alone was incredibly dangerous. After Li and Ricardo regrouped, their goal was to gather the soldiers that had been scattered everywhere, as well as search for Li Gaolei as well as those subordinates. In reality, in small scale alley fights, Li’s command might not be better than Ricardo’s. After all, this Fabregas family’s first rank successor fought for several years...

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