Book 3 Chapter 13.5

Book 3 Chapter 13.5 - Awakening

Ricardo released a bitter laugh, feeling helpless in this dispute again. They were originally moving together, but Ricardo made an error while in command, leading them right into an enemy ambush point and they ultimately ended up completely scattered. Ricardo, Li Gaolei and Li each separately held off an enemy troop, covering the subordinates to break out. In this place where communications and resupply means were all cut off and enemies laid in wait everywhere, being alone was incredibly dangerous. After Li and Ricardo regrouped, their goal was to gather the soldiers that had been scattered everywhere, as well as search for Li Gaolei as well as those subordinates. In reality, in small scale alley fights, Li’s command might not be better than Ricardo’s. After all, this Fabregas family’s first rank successor fought for several years against the Holy Crusaders in the northern front, rising all the way from a private to a lieutenant commander. However, Li had a natural sharpness towards battlefield situations, as well as a calmness that completely didn’t match her age. That was why at least ever since they were separated due to that mistake, Ricardo had never seen her make a mistake herself. 

After observing the battlefield situation for a bit, Li called over the four subordinates. She had them split into two groups and outflank the enemies from the left and right. They had to eliminate the shooters at the two sides’ high ground. Then, she said to Ricardo, “The three armored soldiers on the right will be left to you. I’ll deal with the guy on the left.” 

As for the thirty ordinary Scorpions of Disaster soldiers, Li didn’t distribute them up. For Ricardo and herself who possessed powerful abilities, these ordinary soldiers weren’t any threat. 

Ricardo rushed up, jumped, rolled, and shifted sideways. While carrying out this series of tactical movements that left others dazzled, the assault rifle in his hands continuously roared, the powerful bullets landing on the armored soldiers’ helmets with shocking precision. Even if he couldn’t shoot through their helmets, the powerful force would still break their necks or at least deliver severe brain damage from the intense vibrations. In less than a minute, Ricardo’s list of achievements had another three armored soldiers on it. He maintained his high speed movement, and while borrowing the cover of various terrain, he began to sweep through those ordinary soldiers. 

Explosions seemed to have erupted at what seemed to be the same time from both buildings’ top floor. Several scorptions of Disaster soldiers’ corpses were blasted off the rooftop from the heat waves. The four subordinates immediately occupied the position that used to belong to the Scorpions of Disaster, and then from this high ground, they released suppressing fire on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the people who were originally badly suppressed within a half-destroyed building by the Scorpions of Disaster also increased their firepower. There was one large male who even rushed out and initiated a sudden assault. It seemed like the trapped individuals were battle-hardened veterans as well. 

“Li Gaolei!” Li shouted. The power of the assault rifle in her hands became even more ferocious. 

From this pincer attack, the four troops of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers all became corpses. Because of the computer chips controlling their emotions, these Scorpions of Disaster normal soldiers would never surrender, nor would they try to run. After paying a heavy price to break out from the enemy’s enclosure, Li Gaolei, Li, Ricardo, as well as the subordinates all finally reunited. Only, of their 60 man army they set out with, right now, there was only 15 left. 

After a short period of rest, Li led this troop that was riddled with scars towards the depths of the Scorpions of Disaster. After breaking through three battles in succession, Li already brought the army in a big circle. Her assault direction was clearly not what the Scorpions of Disaster expected. When the curtain of night descended, not many Scorpions of Disaster troops could be found around them already. Only now did Li lead this troop that was completely drained into a hidden abandoned building to rest for a while. 

After exploring the terrain, arranging sentry tasks, and making sure that everyone in their troop had their injuries taken care of, only then did Li gesture towards Li Gaolei who had just finished wrapping up his injuries and they walked together into a vacant room. 

Li pulled out a military knife, and after sterilizing the blade with a flame, she tossed the military blade to Li Gaolei. She leaned towards the ground and said, “I took two shots. Help me deal with them.”

“Where?” Li Gaolei took out his own medical kit and unexpectedly found that all of the medications inside had already been used up. During these several days of battle, he took at least six bullets, but luckily none of them hit vital areas. In addition, with the area control ability as well as two level in defense, he shaved off at least half the power of the Scorpions of Disaster’s bullets, and that was why he could maintain a basic level of fighting strength. This wasn’t only true for Li Gaolei; everyone else in the army already used up everything in their medical kits, to the extent where most of these people’s ammunition had already been used up, leaving them with no choice but to use the Scorpions of Disaster’s weapons that were much more lacking in power. Only an expert at weapon control like Ricardo could use the minimal amount of bullets to eliminate enemies with high efficiency, allowing him to continuously use his convenient dragon model assault rifle. 

“Here!” Li pointed towards the right part of her bottom and her right thigh. 

Li Gaolei didn’t show any misgivings either, directly unfastening Li’s combat trousers and pulling them down to her knees, revealing the two injuries. He didn’t have time to admire Li’s full and powerful bottom. His eyebrows immediately locked together! The injuries had swelled up greatly, to the extent where he couldn’t even see the bullet holes. The surrounding flesh had long undergone necrosis, revealing a light greenish-gray color. 

Li Gaolei reached out his hand and lightly stroked the two injuries. Then, he squeezed down on Li’s bottom, and as a result, Li immediately released a light groan from pain. Her personality was extremely firm and persistent, but in front of Li Gaolei’s face, there was no need to act so headstrong. 

“Damn it! It’s a dirt bullet!” Li Gaolei fiercely cursed. 

The dirt bullet was a bullet that had chemical poison and radiation matter mixed into the warhead. Even though it was only a small amount of radiation, if left untreated, the wound would still trigger large amounts of tissue death. Li had already had this injury for a long time, but she always endured it without treating the wound. Only now did she find Li Gaolei to deal with it. 

Battlefield first aid was a fundamental survival skill in the wilderness. Li Gaolei skillfully made two perpendicular cuts, removed the bullet, and then cleaned up the rotting flesh. Then, he used a flame to burn the surface of the injury, thus concluding the treatment. Li’s entire head was covered in sweat, her body so weak she couldn’t stand up. 

“You should get some rest. We should have another four hours of safety.” Li Gaolei removed his jacket and gave it to Li. Right now, she shouldn’t move, but she couldn’t even if she wanted to. 

Li weakly expressed a sound of agreement, and then the room became silent. Li Gaolei lit a cigarette, and after taking a deep breath, he placed the cigarette by Li’s mouth. Li took several breaths in succession, and then her mental state finally seemed to have lifted a bit. “I never expected that you would actually have this kind of good stuff.”

“It wasn’t easy to save it until now. None of those damn scorpions smoke.” Only when Li completely smoked this cigarette did Li Gaolei put out the cigarette butt. 

“What do you think? Will we be able to make it out of this alive?” Li suddenly asked. 

Li Gaolei was momentarily stupefied, and then he laughed before saying, “Of course! Leader should be hurrying over any day now.”

Li lightly sighed, saying rather softly, “I don’t know what in the world he’s doing! Hmph! Who knows, maybe he crawled onto that woman’s bed again!”

After some time passed, Li then said, “If we die in battle this time, do you think leader will remember us?”

Li Gaolei chuckled. He didn’t directly reply to Li’s question and instead asked, “Why did you follow leader?”

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