Book 3 Chapter 13.4

Book 3 Chapter 13.4 - Awakening

Li had already rushed out from the other side, entering a relatively open place. In front of them was a Scorpions of Disaster troop who currently had their backs to the two of them, shooting intensely at the enemy hiding behind the opposing bunker. 

Li bent her body and quickly shifted sideways. The automatic rifle in her left hand and the pistol in her right hand continuously released fire, sending a hail of bullets raining down on the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers’ position. After firing the pistol three times, she finally hit one of the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers that was entirely covered in heavy armor. This type of infantry armor wasn’t heavy, yet it possessed extremely powerful defensive strength, able to block heavy machine gun bullets and long range sniper bullets. These armored soldiers’ physical strength were much greater than ordinary soldiers, with heavy machine guns and even anti-aircraft machine guns being potential weapons. In both heavy firepower and alley fights, the Scorpions of Disaster’s armored soldiers would always be extremely important. 

Even though the pistol couldn’t blast through this soldier’s armor, after it struck his helmet, the tremendous force snapped this soldier’s neck bones. After eliminating this armored soldier, the strength of this small Scorpions of Disaster troop was decreased by a small half, and they were immediately suppressed by Li’s assault rifle until they couldn’t raise their heads. However, Li’s assault rifle barrage couldn’t shoot through their bulletproof vests, so these soldiers turned their muzzles around one after another, sending more and more bullets her way. Li had to spend more time doing evasive movements, and as a result, her firepower was clearly affected. 

A burst of muffled gunshots suddenly sounded. Ricardo also rushed into this spacious land. The dragon model assault rifle was a powerful weapon that could easily blast apart the Scorpions of Disasters’ bulletproof vests. He didn’t move sideways like Li and instead proceeded in a Z shaped manner. At the same time, he shot these Scorpions of Disaster soldiers down one after another. 

After dealing with this troop of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers with difficulty, Ricardo somewhat unexpectedly noticed that he had taken another bullet, and the place where he was shot was actually also that unlucky wounded leg. However, after the bullet passed through the force field that offered a certain degree of interference and then entered his muscle that became even tougher, the bullet didn’t have much kinetic energy left, stopping after it barely entered his flesh. Towards this type of small wound, Ricardo could directly squeeze the bullet out from his flesh. 

Of course, only when he was within a certain distance from Li could he enjoy this type of defensive boost, and that still depended on Li’s mood. On this battlefield where bullets flew about chaotically, death became serious injuries, serious injuries became light injuries, and light injuries became insignificant. Ricardo who had experienced many years on the battlefield was quite clear on the fact that Li was someone that couldn’t be offended. 

After wiping out this troop of soldiers, Li didn’t stop for a moment and jumped over the battlefield. Towards those four individuals who looked like subordinates, she said, “Whose subordinates are you all?”

Only when they saw that Li wasn’t someone from the Scorpions of Disaster did the four subordinates truly release a breath of relief. In this blasted place, other than Black Dragonriders, there were only Scorpions of Disaster. There was no third party. Even though there were some in the beginning, they were all wiped out by people from both sides. The leading subordinate said, “We are Second Lieutenant Glass’ subordinates. We stayed behind yesterday to cut off the enemy, and as a result lost touch with the second lieutenant’s main army…”

Li didn’t wait for him to finish speaking and cut him off, saying, “You all will listen to my command from now on and move with the two of us!”

“But you aren’t a dragonrider. Even if you were, we are the second lieutenant’s subordinates, so we have no obligation to follow your orders.” The middle-aged subordinate said with a frown, maintaining as tactful of a tone as possible. After all, Li and Ricardo had just helped them deal with a troop of scorpions. Among the dragonriders around Pendulum City, they had never heard of there being any females. 

Li didn’t pay the middle-aged subordinate’s doubt any attention and instead pointed at Ricardo behind her before saying, “You deal with them!”

After giving Li who was already starting to observe their surroundings a look, Ricardo laughed bitterly, and then he walked in front of these four subordinates. “I am Lieutenant Commander Ricardo, and right now, I order you all to follow and move together with us. If you all want to continue living, then it’s best if you follow us and also properly obey orders.”

The four subordinates gave each other a look, and then they immediately crawled out from the bunker to stand behind Ricardo. As the subordinates of a second lieutenant, their strength wasn’t much greater than one of the Scorpions of Disaster’s armored soldiers. Following a higher ranked officer would greatly increase their chances of survival, perhaps even higher than if they followed their original master. Since they didn’t know where Second Lieutenant Glass was, there was no obstacle preventing them from temporarily obeying Ricardo’s command.

However, who was that woman? She seemed extremely young, yet she could give Lieutenant Commander Ricardo orders? Her abilities were extremely powerful though, and her temper didn’t seem all that great. Asking her about her identity would most likely produce a bad reaction, and things would not end well for them from there. That was why the four subordinates could only hold back their questions and silently follow these two towards another battlefield where intense firepower was being exchanged. 

Ricardo gave their route of advance a look, and then he was immediately shocked. He hurriedly caught up to Li and said, “Hey, hey! We seem to be heading further and further away from the base! Also, the enemy has set up a massive military force in that direction!”

Li continued to proceed in a resolute manner towards the gunshots. Without even turning her head back, she replied, “The base’s direction is more dangerous. Also, we need to find the separated people.”

“But we will easily be surrounded like this! We should find a way to break out first and then contact general headquarters for reinforcements! In this blasted place, all communication methods are useless!” Ricardo argued while occasionally dealing with the lone Scorpions of Disaster soldiers that would show up from time to time. 

Li didn’t reply and instead rushed forward fiercely. Then, with one knee bent, she borrowed the sprint to slide down, and in the blink of an eye, she rushed out from the end of the street. Then, the assault rifle in her hands roared furiously, its 60 round magazine emptying in an instant, sweeping through the two Scorpions of Disaster soldiers at the other end of the street. Ricardo could only helplessly follow along. His dragon assault rifle fired from time to time, blasting four Scorpions of Disaster full of holes one after another. His marksmanship was much better than Li’s, and the power of the dragon rifle was a good amount greater than the Scorpions of Disasters’ assault rifles. With a single burst, he could eliminate one enemy, not needing to do something like Li’s crazy and ferocious spray fire. The four subordinates that they found on the battlefield had ample experience as well. They took the initiative to scatter out, protecting Li and Ricardo’s sides and rear. 

Up ahead was an intense battlefield. From the concentrated gunshots and sounds of explosion, it seemed like there were at least several dozen individuals fighting an intense battle. Li’s eyes lit up. She suddenly erupted with strength, using quick, violent, and concise tactical movements to rush forward, directly rushing towards that battlefield!

Ricardo and Li advanced shoulder to shoulder. He shouted while cleaning up the scattered enemies up ahead, “Hey! Pretty girl, there are too many enemies up ahead! Charging forward like this is extremely dangerous!”

“We can eliminate them. Also, my companion might very well be up ahead.” Li coldly replied.

Ricardo cried out, “But I am the lieutenant commander! In this place, I should be the commander!”

“I am not your subordinate, and it’s best if you listen to my command.” Li’s reply was just as cold as before without leaving him the slightest bit of face. At this moment, she already reached the edge of the battlefield, occupying an advantageous position to observe the terrain and enemies’ positions. 

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