Book 3 Chapter 13.3

Book 3 Chapter 13.3 - Awakening

That was why Ricardo felt exceptionally upset. With a pah sound, he hatefully spat out a clump of sandy soil that carried blood, and then he forcefully shook his head, sending out bits of dust from his ears. After shaking his head that seemed to have swelled quite a bit a few more times, he crawled out from the dirt. The entire lower half of his body sank into the dirt, as if he had been half buried alive. 

Ricardo’s ears continued to rumble with a low humming sound, as if the great explosion that erupted just now was still ringing through the air. Within the rising smoke and falling debris, he sharply noticed that at the head of a street several tens of streets out were two Scorpions of Disaster soldiers who were currently struggling to crawl up. Under his powerful five levels of weapon control ability, the type 3 dragon model assault rifle in Ricardo’s hands was like an extension of his arm. There was no need for him to make...

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