Book 3 Chapter 13.2

Book 3 Chapter 13.2 - Awakening

However, the process of the gene lock unlocking slowly stopped. Even though it produced a long new strand of genes, most of its mysteries were still hidden beneath layers of mists. 

The unlocking ended. Only after a long time had passed did the doctor release a heavy sigh and say, “Just think about it! Martin, have the analysis results come out yet?”

Martin brought out the optical screen and connected it to the central laboratory. The screen immediately poured out pages after pages of data. Before the data finished refreshing, the doctor who had long lost patience grabbed that optical screen and stared closely at the screen. He even adjusted the refresh rate even faster. 

Endless data poured down like rain, the refreshing rate seeming to be comparable to what Helen usually used! As the refresh rate increased, Dr. Connor’s tightly locked eyebrows gradually unfolded. When the data stopped changing, the doctor quietly walked to his own seat and sat down, even closing his eyes. 

The assistant knew that this was a sign of Connor entering a state of deep thinking. As a result, he quietly stood there, waiting for the result. Time passed extremely slowly. Only after fifteen minutes had passed did the doctor open his eyes again. With a tired expression, he said, “The release of the gene lock is roughly 1%, which is quite regrettable. Even though it is unknown what triggered the sudden gene lock release, what I am sure of is that it has nothing to do with our unlocking operation. However, this release still brought us 2 extremely important parameters, and five others can potentially be deduced. Also, do you still remember that broken formula? With these parameters, I believe that the formula will become much closer to completion… Martin!”

The doctor’s sudden shout startled the assistant. He hurriedly asked for his next instructions. 

“How many vials of our most effective gene restoring medications do we have left?”

“There are five left in reserve, doctor.” When he saw the doctor’s entire face become suffused with redness, the assistant felt as if something wasn’t right. 

The doctor resolutely and decisively said, “Contact some families with money, for example, that Fabregas or whatever and sell these to them! Hurry, contact them now. I want 10 million, and I need it now!”

The assistant was shocked, and he immediately said, “Doctor! These medications were prepared for the parliament’s great figures! If they find out that we sold these, that won’t be good…”

Dr. Connor suddenly stood up and brandished his fists fiercely. His resounding voice almost seemed to penetrate straight through the assistant’s eardrums. “This isn’t something you need to concern yourself with! Go and do what I’ve asked! As long as I have ten million, I have confidence in completing the ‘Garden of Eden’ plan’s experimental form! Do you hear me clearly? It’s the ‘Garden of Eden’ plan! This is much more important than some life prolonging restorative medicines!”

“Garden of Eden? Did I hear wrong, doctor?” The assistant looked nervously at Connor, as if he was a child waiting for his test results. 

“We already have the necessary parameters, and just now, I received the inspiration to complete the experimental form!” Doctor Connor had a proud look on his face.

The assistant finally recovered his cool-headedness, and after some thought, said, “This might perhaps help out the research of ‘that person’.”

“That’s inevitable.” Connor nodded his head. After working with each other for over twenty years, the doctor was well aware of this assistant of his’ abilities, and he believed in his judgment as well.

“If that is the case, then we will be far ahead of that Helen woman.” Martin revealed true excitement. 

“This is also inevitable!” Connor replied proudly. 

“Alright, I’ll contact those families right now. I believe that those old fellas will definitely offer a good price for the sake of living ten more years.” Martin said. 

After saying this, Martin left the doctor’s office. When he was walking through the doors, he glanced backwards, seeing that the doctor continued to stand perfectly straight in front of the image of the gene lock that had a small portion undone, seemingly high-spirited. The ‘Garden of Eden’ plan was the entire biological laboratory’s most important project. If he was even able to make the slightest bit of progress in this place, Dr. Connor would have left a deep mark in the history of the Black Dragonriders, Blood Parliament, and maybe even the entire human race! However, Martin understood Connor quite well. Perhaps in his heart, even if he perfectly realized the ‘Garden of Eden’ plan, it still couldn’t compare to the joy he felt of surpassing Helen. 

“However, ten million isn’t something just about anyone can get their hands on…” After carefully closing the doctor’s office doors, Martin thought somewhat disrespectfully. 

At this moment, not only did Lieutenant Colonel Julio believe that the Black Dragonriders’ current situation was rather unfavorable, many dragonriders also felt this way. At the very least, the war situation in Pendulum City was extremely bad, terrible to the extent where they might lose four dragonriders, their subordinates, and armies, as well as even a temporary loss of initiative. 

However, that was all there was to it. 

The Black Dragonriders had experienced many times of crisis in the past, and there was even once when they almost faced complete destruction. In the end, however, they still made it past that dark period and grew more powerful by the day after that. The Black Dragonriders might suffer a loss, but they definitely wouldn’t be defeated! This was something that most of them already had faith in. The problem with the Scorpions of Disaster that suddenly arose, at least, the strength they currently displayed, was that they were far from that of the northern front’s Holy Crusaders. However, in the recent half year, under Persephone’s powerful attacks, not only did the Holy Crusaders lose much of their armies, they continuously gave up many strategic locations. That was why no one doubted their victory against the Scorpions of Disaster. 

Most of the time, the Black Dragonriders were like loose sand that could not cooperate. Every dragonrider represented an army, with the only difference being the size of the army. However, when a group of dragonriders grouped up together, they would still be a group of dragonriders and would never become one army. However, there were exceptions to this as well, and that was that regardless of which dragonrider general it was, from the aged city protecting Kaplan to Persephone who made the heart rates of men quicken, they all had the power to rally supporters, and as a result make the scattered dragonriders reluctantly become a single army. This type of rallying power was the root of these generals’ undoubtable strength, and this rallying power was affected by one’s potential and family strength. This was why Persephone’s rallying power was undoubtedly much greater than Kaplan’s. As for the dragonriders’ strength, even if it they only maintained the minimal level of cooperation, they would produce extremely great power on the battlefield. Tactics that were impossible to put into practice in the olden era, under the support of the dragonriders’ tyrannical strength, all became a reality. 

As everyone knows, most dragonriders were egotistical fellows. From a certain perspective, generals were no different. These dragonriders, as well as those from the Blood Parliament and Trials Division giants’, care more about increasing their own strength and expanding their power of influence. As for the overall battle strategy, that was something only a few people considered. 

Once the battlefield situation of Pendulum City became bad enough that it even caught the attention and displeasure of some generals, even if a general only brought a few subordinates into the battlefield, the situation would immediately reverse. Even those seemingly terrifying Scorpions of Disaster war machines, in the eyes of high level dragonriders, were incomparably weak. The temporary loss was only because the ones that were dealing with the scorpions were merely a bunch of low level individuals. This was what almost every dragonrider and subordinate believed, which was why no one worried about the battlefield situation and instead felt displeasure towards it. Of course, this was apart from the dragonriders that were surrounded by the scorpions. 

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