Book 3 Chapter 12.6

Book 3 Chapter 12.6 - Root of Evil

After signing the bill, Su suddenly discovered that the attendant’s hand, that was holding the optical screen, was pure white and soft, making him suddenly swell up with a powerful desire. He raised his head and looked at the attendant’s appearance. This was a girl that could still be considered pretty, but the main thing was that she was young and full of power. Perhaps due to training in a few Combat Domain abilities, her body seemed well developed and full of power as well. 

En, can endure quite a bit of force and won’t be easily broken…” This thought suddenly emerged in Su’s mind, and then he immediately became terrified. He didn’t know why this kind of thought would suddenly appear in his mind, or why there was such an abrupt and intense desire. At this moment, he wanted to directly press this girl down and then vent his body’s desires even if Curtis was still standing right there. 

“Oh… I need two more B grade dummies,...

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