Book 3 Chapter 12.6

Book 3 Chapter 12.6 - Root of Evil

After signing the bill, Su suddenly discovered that the attendant’s hand, that was holding the optical screen, was pure white and soft, making him suddenly swell up with a powerful desire. He raised his head and looked at the attendant’s appearance. This was a girl that could still be considered pretty, but the main thing was that she was young and full of power. Perhaps due to training in a few Combat Domain abilities, her body seemed well developed and full of power as well. 

En, can endure quite a bit of force and won’t be easily broken…” This thought suddenly emerged in Su’s mind, and then he immediately became terrified. He didn’t know why this kind of thought would suddenly appear in his mind, or why there was such an abrupt and intense desire. At this moment, he wanted to directly press this girl down and then vent his body’s desires even if Curtis was still standing right there. 

“Oh… I need two more B grade dummies, those that have comprehensive testing functions.” Su finally subdued his body’s instincts and calmly said. 

“Understood, I will prepare it for your distinguished self immediately.” The attendant rushed away to prepare it, her heart still beating quickly while doing so. Just now, her female intuition clearly sensed Su’s burning gaze. 

Maybe there might be something tonight, this was what she thought while running. Su’s pretty exterior was a secondary factor, and even his status as a lieutenant commander wasn’t a deciding factor. However, he was Persephone’s chosen man. Being able to do something to the man of a general, just the thought of this alone was an extremely stimulating thing. 

Su couldn’t be bothered with what the attendant was thinking right now at all. Twenty minutes later, the dummy he needed had already been properly placed. Su then began to bombard the dummy tirelessly with strikes at an unchanging frequency. 

The high precision sensor continuously displayed Su’s fist force on the screen. 2500 kilograms, 2500 kilograms, 2500 kilograms… Each time he brandished his fists, struck with his knees, or released a kick to the side, it would produce the exact same power. His control over his power was so precise that the deviation already exceeded the scope of what the sensors could detect. 

As his stamina was drained bit by bit, his body’s desires also gradually calmed down. Even though he was still bombarding the dummy with his greatest strength, Su’s mood sank into an icy coldness without any fluctuation. His consciousness was completely focused on harmonizing and maneuvering the various systems in his body, as well as familiarizing himself with his new body after devouring the energy crystal’s contents. 

At nine in the morning the following day, Su promptly pushed open Lieutenant Colonel Julio’s office doors. Currently, Su already changed into a new set of uniform that gave him a completely different look. His eyes were bright and in great spirits, with not a trace of fatigue from his overnight bitter training. Lieutenant Colonel Julio behind the office table had bloody veins covering his eyes, and his hair was a mess. It seemed like he hadn’t slept all night. 

Julio rubbed his aching eyes and said, “My dear Lieutenant Commander Su, if I recall correctly, you still have some missions that haven’t been completed yet?”

“Correct, but they will be completed soon. This time, I came to obtain the rank of lieutenant colonel, as well as the corresponding privileges.”

Julio rubbed his unbearably aching head. He flipped through the optical screen while saying, “You should already have most of a lieutenant colonel’s authority… right, your contributions are already enough to promote you to lieutenant colonel. However, are you sure you want to increase your rank right now? Alright, I understand. Take this with you and go to the office on the other side, and then it’ll be done. Congratulations, lucky youngster. I really have to say that your speed of promotion truly is fast!”

Su accepted the promotional documents. He didn’t pay any attention to Julio’s envious and jealous tone and instead smiled. “How is the battlefield situation on the Scorpions of Disaster’s side?”

Julio released a snort and hatefully said, “How else can it be? You can tell from my current state that things are already a complete mess! Just yesterday, we completely lost all contact with Pendulum City and the areas west of it. All of our flight surveillance in that area have been destroyed, so we can only rely on drones for a bit of intelligence. The new intelligence stated that there are already four dragonriders that are surrounded! They should be able to hold on for a few days, but they definitely have no hope of breaking free. Damn it, there are still more than ten dragonriders surrounding that battlefield, but not a single one is willing to cooperate and break through the enemy’s encirclement to free the fellas trapped inside! Fuck, this group of idiots! What a pity it is that I don’t have the authority to command them. What I can do is only this much.”

Su understood the lieutenant colonel’s predicament quite clearly. As a mission distributing lieutenant colonel, he was equivalent to a ‘half’ commander of the Black Dragonriders. If the four dragonriders that were surrounded were wiped out, it would definitely draw the generals’ attention, and they would organize a corresponding army to rescue the worsening battlefield. Every dragonrider general had the power of changing the state of a battle, but when this happened, it was equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel Julio’s utter failure. Retiring ahead of time might even be the best choice. For this lieutenant colonel who had already lost most of his combat strength and sat behind an office table for a long time, this meant a complete end to his status, influence, and rich lifestyle. 

“I’ll go.” Su said indifferently. 

A trace of happiness flashed across Julio’s face, but it wasn’t one of complete joy. He knew that Su’s abilities were powerful, but he even more so understood how adding a lieutenant colonel ranked dragonrider to that battlefield would produce near insignificant results. What’s more… Wait! Julio suddenly thought of something, and then he quickly flipped through the densely packed documents on the optical screen. Several minutes later, he finally found what he was looking for, and then the happiness on his face completely disappeared, and it even became ashen. 

“Lieutenant Commander Su, I have to tell you something unfortunate. Your two subordinates followed Lieutenant Commander Ricardo several days ago into Pendulum City’s war zone, and now Lieutenant Commander Ricardo is precisely one of the four dragonriders that are surrounded by the Scorpions of Disaster.”

“All the more reason for me to go.” Su continued to reply calmly. Lieutenant Colonel Julio seemed to have sensed something from his tone, but he had no way of ascertaining what exactly hid behind that faint smile. 

Even though Julio possessed rather outstanding war awareness, remarkable commanding skills, and his many years of experience made him somewhat confident in reading into other people’s emotions, there was still no way he could have guessed that what lingered within Su’s heart without disappearing was a sweet little girl around ten years old. 

That evening, just as the lieutenant colonel who hadn’t slept for two day was racking his brains for a way to solve Pendulum City’s war situation under the stimulation of coffee and tobacco, in a private room underneath Dragon City, Helen widened her similarly red eyes while concentrating all of her attention on the world displayed under a high powered microscope. 

In her field of view, a tadpole like cell was currently swimming about with incomparable speed, and it was quickly closing in on a human egg cell that was several times larger than itself. Then, just like all sperm, it smashed into the egg cell and sank its head inside. This process looked like it proceeded extremely smoothly, and soon after, it was going to complete the fertilization process, producing the most basic form of life. 

However, the changes began from here!

The head of the sperm split open, and what it spat out wasn’t one, but several dozen snake like substances! These little snakes made from amino acids were not any less dangerous than cold-blooded species, colliding into the walls of the egg cell with extreme speed, continuously tearing off substances that carried nutrients and then changing them into its own genes! In the blink of an eye, several dozen sperm cells took form inside the egg, and then those that were a bit stronger even directly split a second time, spitting out even more fine snakes that contained genetic material!

In the blink of an eye, the egg cell burst from the countless sperm cells! The several hundred sperm cells crazily shot in all directions in search of new prey. However, the petri dish was extremely clean. Apart from that egg cell, there wasn’t anything else for them to eat. After a short period of futile swimming, these sperm cells began to slow down and become muddled in color as well. The changing data in the microscopic view displayed that these sperm cells’ genes were quickly collapsing, turning into chunks of meaningless protein. 

Helen finally spat out a breath of air that had been pent up for an extremely long time and straightened her body. She looked at the time. From the time the sperm was released to when they all died, it took a total of a minute and seventeen seconds. 

This breath of hers lasted a minute and seventeen seconds!

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