Book 3 Chapter 12.5

Book 3 Chapter 12.5 - Root of Evil

High level combat training area region A was a wide region covering close to a thousand square meters. At the center of it were all types of movable constructs and obstacles. More than ten staff members were currently moving over dummies one after another and placing them in the designated areas. These dummies were made mostly of composite materials, and they had simple sensors installed within them. Covering their surface was outstanding rubber similar to the type covering the dummy he trained his fist strength on. The three A grade dummies were made of an excellent alloy, and the surface of their bodies even had pieces of armor covering their crucial areas!

The captain took off his outer clothes and only wore a pair of military shorts. He kicked off his military boots and stood barefoot in the training area. “The art of battle is actually extremely simple. It is using the simplest and most direct movements to bombard an enemy’s vital areas! Speed, power, angle, time, and hitting the enemy, these are all the factors you need to consider. Don’t try to think about those...

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