Book 3 Chapter 12.4

Book 3 Chapter 12.4 - Root of Evil

“Just a lieutenant colonel, one that’s forty years old already. He won’t dare bring me trouble.” Su calmly said. 

Curtis narrowed his small eyes and sized Su up a bit. He said slowly, “Youngster, you seemed to have changed a bit.”

“Not just a bit, changed a lot, and also… quite thoroughly.” Su’s smile was still as pretty as before, but it contained a trace of bitterness that was hard to detect. 

“Alright. What did you run all the way here for? Don’t tell me that you want me to make another gun for you, right? Let’s get something straight first, this time, I will have to charge you, and not one cent less!” The captain who was like a chunk of black steel shrugged his shoulders. Then, he clicked his tongue a few times and said, “The amount of time you’ve served as a dragonrider isn’t small now, but you are still like those fellas from the wilderness! You don’t even know to bring a bottle or two of good alcohol before coming!”

Su didn’t pay Curtis’ jeering any attention. Instead, after choosing his words carefully, he said, “I want to learn the art of combat. If possible, I also wish for you to join my troops.”

Curtis released a great laughter that sounded like that of pieces of steel smashing against each other. His loud and clear voice shook the warehouse walls until pieces of rust fell off. “If you want me to join you, that’s easy. All you need is money! However, it has to be cash and not some I owe you!”

The shrewd and ruthless captain’s words left Su speechless with a single sentence. Curtis clearly understood Su’s financial situation. After experiencing the captain’s training camp, Su obviously knew that this captain that was like a chunk of black steel’s brain was just as developed as his muscles. 

“As for art of combat, I believe I already taught you before during the training camp. There isn’t really anything new…”

However, after looking at Su for an entire minute, Curtis was finally defeated and helplessly said, “Alright, youngster! Wait for me a bit, and then we’ll go to the training camp. Damn it, it’s not that close, I hope that Dodge of mine can still start up!”

Ten minutes late, an old-fashioned pickup truck that was covered in rust and whose original paint was impossible to make out rumbled as it left the storehouse. Its trembling body couldn’t help but make one feel that if even a slightly larger piece of rock was weighing down on it, this antique that should have exploded a long time ago would fall apart. 

This vehicle that should have two rows of seats had its back portion torn off a long time ago, and the driving seat had been extended all the way back. Even though this was the case, it could still only allow the captain to barely fit inside. The captain wasn’t actually that large when compared to those power strengthened fellas that were often over two meters in height. However, the captain was quite wide, wide to a terrifying degree!

Su was tightly pressed up against the vehicle’s door, to the extent where he was almost like a painting hanging from the door. Only then did he avoid being accidentally nicked by the captain’s elbow. 

“Youngster! I’m not doing this for you, but for Persephone! Her current situation isn’t all that great.” Curtis said in a rather downcast manner.

“I know.” Su calmly said.

“What is going on with Mitchels? Why would that girl say you have to kill him?” The captain’s face was a bit gloomy. 

“That’s my personal matter. You only need to know that I absolutely must kill Mitchels.” Su’s voice was always calm, as if he was saying a completely insignificant name. 

Curtis heavily stepped on the gas pedal all the way down and roared, “But that old fellow isn’t easy to deal with! Moreover, this is a major event, so why does even a little girl who can’t keep her mouth shut know about it? Persephone needs a man who is alive, not a deformed corpse!”

When he saw the roaring captain, Su put away his cold expression and seriously said, “I killed Sarton, so there is no way for me and Mitchels to reconcile with each other anymore. As for why I told that girl these matters, it is to have her spread the news. If Mitchels wants to kill me, then he should just come after me in the wilderness!”

The captain remained silent for a long time. Then, he said, “Even though your abilities are a bit below average, you still know to pick your own home ground, so your death might not be guaranteed. However, Mitchels is a crafty old fox. He won’t fall for your tricks.”

Su laughed and said, “Is that so? Then he will definitely regret it, because time will forever be on my side.”

Curtis turned his head around, almost as if Su was someone he had never met before. After carefully looking him over for a long time, he shook his head and said, “Youngster, you really did change.” 

“I did change, moreover, extremely thoroughly.” Su said. 

An hour later, the Dodge that was spitting out thick smoke and noise smashed through the dragonrider training ground’s gates. This vehicle that should have been scrapped a long time ago drew everyone’s attention. In front of the new dragonrider style buildings around, this olden era industrial era antique looked extremely out of place. 

Just like when he got onto the vehicle, the captain squeezed his way out from the vehicle with difficulty. He led Su into a four floored training building that occupied a square kilometer. 

A male that was skinny and shriveled like a monkey jumped out and shouted loudly, “Hey, captain! You want me to fill up your baby with oil?!”

The captain tossed the keys to the car over while roaring, “Obviously! If I don’t add oil, do you want me to add fuel cells?”

The skinny and shriveled male caught the keys and laughed loudly. He didn’t forget to shout, “Old fella, oil is much more expensive than fuel cells!”

Curtis’ face was quite black to begin with, but now, it clearly became even darker. He spat out a lump of spittle and then looked at Su before hatefully saying, “You’re paying!”

Before entering, the captain said to the young and pretty registrar, “Underground third floor, high level combat training area region A, B grade dummies and three A grade dummies. Time is 24 hours, this lieutenant commander Su is paying!”

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