Book 3 Chapter 11.6

Book 3 Chapter 11.6 - Choice 

Even though he already had a feeling, and news of Madeline had already been verified by Peperus’ mouth, when the steel coffin was right in front of him, Su’s heart was still violently contracting and sucking away almost all of his strength. 

He only had three minutes. 

Su still walked in front of the coffin. Right now, the ground beside the steel coffin released several streaks of radiance, forming a virtual screen. At the center was a palm imprint. When he recalled what the elder did to verify his identity, Su reached out his hand and pressed down on the screen. 

The dark red screen turned green a second later. The steel coffin’s lid slowly rose under magnetic force, rising three meters into the air before stopping and floating there. 

Su forcefully suppressed his emotions and walked beside the steel coffin. Then, he peered inside. 

The steel coffin was full of blood!

This blood somewhat blocked out perception abilities. Regardless of whether it was transparent surveillance or long range sensation, none of it could penetrate the blood. Even spirit reaction brought nothing back. 

There were tiny spirals on the surface of the blood. The blood was currently flowing out from hidden holes, causing the surface to quickly drop. However, for Su who only had three minutes, he still felt that the blood was draining way too slowly. 

A minute later, half of the blood inside the steel coffin already flowed away. A snow white body gradually emerged.

Even though seven years had passed and her appearance changed greatly, Su could still recognize this young girl that seemed to be sleeping within this half-filled coffin of blood with a single glance. It was precisely the little girl that had accompanied him for eight whole years, Madeline. 

The blood was still draining, and Madeline’s body was gradually completely revealed. Her skin was just as white as Persephone’s, but it was different from Persephone’s delicateness where the slightest carelessness will cause it to be injured. Madeline’s body was vaguely flowing with a type of gentle luster, a sign of endless power. This exceptionally beautiful naked body could completely be called a human weapon!

It turned out that the little girl from back then already grew up.

Su stared blankly at Madeline inside the coffin, unable to describe the type of feeling his heart was experiencing. 

Madeline seemed to be asleep, her soft gray hair spread out in the shallow blood, producing a sad and miserable beautiful scene. Just like when she was little, the blood didn’t leave the slightest trace on her body or hair. 

Su truly wished that she was just sleeping!

However, no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t detect the slightest trace of life within Madeline’s body. Her body did look completely unharmed from the outside, but even if she was in the deepest state of sleep, she still wouldn’t be completely devoid of any traces of life. The current Madeline was more like a perfect sculpture. 

From the first glance, Su already understood that the Madeline lying in the coffin of blood had long become a corpse. 


Su’s face quickly turned pale, and sweat poured down from his forehead. He used all of his perception abilities to frantically scan Madeline’s body. The excessive use of abilities used up a larger half of his stamina in just ten or so seconds of time. Su’s eyes suddenly grew dim, and then an irresistible dizziness attacked at him, causing all of his abilities to vanish due to exhaustion. No matter how hard Su tried, it only further proved the reality that she was now in a state of eternal rest. 

Ding dong!

A sharp and clear bell sounded, the ringing containing a type of soundwave that easily pulled Su back from his near hysterical state of mind. The slowly descending coffin cover told Su that the three minutes were already up. 

Su took a deep breath. He finally understood what the elder meant when he said for him to meet her. He gave Madeline one last look, and then he suddenly noticed that there was something clutched in her hands in front of her chest. After a moment of hesitation, Su gently removed that item. 

It was a folded sheet of paper, the corners already a bit tattered. It seemed like it had already experienced a few years. This was an ordinary piece of paper, so it wasn’t as durable as Madeline’s body. Due to being soaked in blood for a long time, the paper already became completely dark red, so one couldn’t even really see what was drawn on its surface anymore. 

The cover closed once again. Su stood there for a few more minutes before walking outwards. 

The entrance slowly opened, and then it slowly closed behind Su. Su had a calm expression on his face. Apart from some fatigue, there weren’t any other abnormalities that could be seen. Su looked at the elder and suddenly said, “Can I ask your distinguished self for a favor?”

The elder smiled, and with an expression of understanding, he said, “Is it to ask for Mitchels’ whereabouts? It seems to be a bit early for something like this, and your distinguished self’s abilities seems to still be lacking.”

Even though he already knew that this elder possessed deep and immeasurable strength, Su’s deep left eye looked at the elder without the slightest sign of yielding. “I will not trouble Mitchels right now. Perhaps even after a few years, my abilities will still fall short of Mitchels. However, victory is not always decided by the one with stronger abilities.”

There was one question that Su didn’t ask, and that was why despite the Spider Empress’ tremendous strength, after retrieving Madeline’s corpse, why she didn’t immediately punish Mitchels. 

The elder seemed to completely understand Su’s thinking. He laughed again and said, “Your distinguished self misunderstands. Her Majesty, the Empress, has a way of waking up young miss Madeline…”

“What?!” Su who was previously calm immediately trembled from head to toe, and then he grabbed the elder’s arms!

The elder easily shook aside Su’s arms, and then he repeated what he just said with a smile. “Her Majesty can wake the young miss. However, it is limited to one time, and the price is tremendous. Her Majesty’s intention is that if she truly needs to do this, then she needs to see sincerity, compensation, and power.”

Su forcefully suppressed his tremendous joy and said with a low voice, “What kind of compensation does Her Majesty need? I will have to ask your distinguished self to explain a bit. I will do my best to fulfill it.”

The elder said, “Sincerity I have already witnessed. As for compensation and power, those two can be merged into one matter. The young miss’ revival needs three months of time. In three months, when you come to Dark Red Castle again, the Spider Empress wishes to obtain a million yuan as a symbol of compensation.”

"One million... alright, in two months, I will bring back one million." Su took a deep breath, becoming even more calm. 

“As for power…” The elder laughed in a meaningful way and said, “The Empress wishes to obtain a pleasant surprise from you on this matter. However, with your current strength, you don’t even have the qualifications to meet the Spider Empress. In three months, when you enter Dark Red Castle again, I hope that your strength can bring Her Majesty the Empress a true surprise. Only like this will you not miss out on the opportunity of a choice.”

As for what kind of choice it was, the elder didn’t say anything, nor did Su ask. He knew that even if he asked, the elder wouldn’t give him an answer right now. Su was smart, so he knew that he could only do what the elder said to do. He didn’t have any room for choice. 

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