Book 3 Chapter 11.5

Book 3 Chapter 11.5 - Choice

“Don’t worry, it’s only here to lead the way.” Peperus said. 

The shadow stopped in front of Su and Peperus. Its outer appearance looked like that of a human, but its four limbs were on the ground, and its joints were inverted like a human shaped insect. Its eyes were especially large, and its mouthful of teeth were fine and sharp. Both its long limbs and slender body made Su think of Malim, a pitiful fella that clearly experienced excessive mutation. However, the humanoid creature in front of him had large areas of hard exoskeleton around the surface of its joints. Black and red colors alternated, making it look like the carapace of an insect. At vital points, there were even several protrusions that were as sharp as blades. Just these two traits alone proved that its fighting strength must be quite a bit more powerful than Malim’s. 

It released two hiss sounds, and then it began to leap along the mountain road. As they ascended the path, shadows stirred about restlessly from both sides in the darkness, but they were all forced back...

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