Book 3 Chapter 11.4

Book 3 Chapter 11.4 - Choice

On the screen was once again a scene enveloped in the flames of war. However, what was different was that the mountain peaks were all covered in white snow, and one could see that the current battlefield had already penetrated deep into the north. Persephone was still as charming as always, but there was an undisguised fatigue at the corners of her brows. It seemed like the intensity of this battle left her feeling quite some burden. 

Persephone laughed and said, “Dear, are there any good news? If there are, hurry up and tell me. Without me, those subordinates wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer!”

“There are good news and bad news. The good news is that Su’s treatment was successful. At the very least, from what I can currently see, he can make a full recovery…”

Without waiting for Helen to finish speaking, Persephone suddenly cried out, "His fighting strength won’t be affected? That’s great! Dear, you are so awesome!”

Helen coldly cut off Persephone’s excitement and said, “You should listen to the bad news first! Su already knows of Madeline’s death, and the...

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