Book 3 Chapter 11.3

Book 3 Chapter 11.3 - Choice

On Madeline’s matter, Su truly didn’t have any way of explaining himself. He originally just wanted to give the Town of Trials a look, but after discovering the abnormalities, he resolutely decided to initiate this struggle with no hope of returning alive. 

On this matter, he truly let Persephone down, especially after they had just taken a step closer, even though the process from which this closer relationship was formed did not completely follow how Su wished it did. 

After remaining silent for a bit, Su still asked, “How is Madeline?”

From Su’s perspective, he could see a bit of ridicule in Helen’s smile, but he didn’t detect anything from her voice. “There is information about her, but I’ll only tell you after your injuries have recovered to a certain extent.”

From Helen’s coldness, Su knew that he couldn’t obtain anything else from her. He could only quietly wait for his injuries to recover. There were still too many things he didn’t know about, to the extent where he didn’t even know how he ended up in Helen’s laboratory. However, now wasn’t the time to feel rushed. He was still extremely weak. After speaking all of this, his consciousness suddenly became blurry, and then he went unconscious again. 

Only after an entire week of treatment did Su understand the state of his injuries a bit better. Helen seemed to be hovering around him without stopping for sleep or rest, the surgeries of various importance taking up several hours alone. As soon as Su opened his eyes, he would see Helen fully concentrated on restoring his body. There were large and small surgeries, the biggest one being the restoration of his abdominal cavity’s organs, which took up five whole days. In addition, in between the gaps of the great surgery, Helen completed numerous small surgeries that couldn’t be assessed by him at all. In just a few days, Helen lost her original radiance. The thick dark circles were one thing, but her eyes that were covered in bloody veins and her lips that were incredibly pale truly displayed her fatigue. During the gradual recovery of his perception abilities, Su even detected a trace of stimulants in Helen’s body. It seems like her stamina had long failed to support her, and only by relying on injecting drugs could she maintain high efficacy treatment. 

Su didn’t express his gratitude. In his current state where both his thoracic and abdominal cavities were completely opened, he didn’t even have the ability to speak a single word. His gradually recovering perception abilities properly sent back the sensations of Helen cutting and mending various parts within his body. Apart from some slight feelings of pain, all other sensations were normal. It made Su feel extremely strange, as well as a bit terrified. 

Eight days later, the endless surgical treatments finally ended. After completing the final wound binding, even though she was supported by stimulant and nutrient injections, Helen still felt a momentary dizziness. The miniature treatment machines moving about in the laboratory gave her an emergency injection, and only then did she slowly regain her senses. 

In the following day, Su could only calmly lay there with his entire body covered under protective film. Only on the ninth day did he have the ability to walk. Then, he met someone that he did not expect, Peperus. 

“How is Madeline?” After sitting down in the only small garden area in the entire underground hospital, Su’s first question asked was about Madeline’s situation. 

Compared to Su whose body was covered in protective film, Peperus looked like she was a lot better. Not even the slightest scar remained on the surface of her body. She wore casual clothing, and her killing intent completely vanished. She looked just like a slightly dejected young lady. It was impossible to associate the current her with the executioner of the Trials Division that had mercilessly slaughtered countless individuals. 

“Her Majesty has already… entered eternal rest.” Peperus carefully chose her words, so she spoke extremely slowly. “The reason I came here was to pass on her distinguished self Lanaxis’ order. The empress’ intention is that after you completely recover your strength, she will arrange for you to meet with Her Majesty Madeline.”

Su remained silent for a moment, and then he asked calmly, “How did it end up like this?”

Peperus instead stood up and said, “When you meet the empress, you will naturally understand the answer. However, right now, I cannot tell you anything. When you recover your strength, contact me, and I will bring you to meet the empress. Helen has my contact details.”

Before leaving, Peperus suddenly turned around, quickly adding, “Before meeting the empress, the greater your abilities, the better!”

Su only looked at his hands, at his ten long and pale fingers, as if he didn’t hear that last sentence at all. 


When the ice cold and strong stream of water made contact with the pure white and delicate skin, beads of pure water splashed outwards. The cold water that was barely over the point of freezing made her skin even more taught, and it made her consciousness that was already extremely sluggish become sharp once again. 

Helen pressed on the bathroom wall, and then the water that sprayed down from all directions stopped. When she walked out from the bathroom, the excessive coldness already made Helen’s lips a bit grayish purple in color. There was a full body mirror outside the bathroom. Every time Persephone walked out of the bathroom, she would always stand here for a long time, while Helen would directly walk past it without giving it a glance. 

Helen’s clothes were simple in style without any decorations. Even her underwear were the most basic and old style. However, when she was putting on her undergarments, Helen paused for a moment and glanced at her undergarments that were clearly a bit too big. She then tossed them aside and fetched a pair of reserve undergarments. Her figure was a bit slim, her upper left arm and two sides of her thighs each had several red injection holes that were especially noticeable. Helen picked up the syringe from the shelf and stabbed it into the inside of her right thigh, injecting the stimulant and nutrient drug into her bloodstream. Before the syringe was emptied, the powerful medicinal strength already added some color to Helen’s face. When she put on her clothes, Helen already looked completely normal. 

After passing through the long and deep corridor, she headed down two floors and passed through a safety screen to walk into a laboratory that was piled high with all types of instruments. At the center of the laboratory floated a bent, rough short spear. The holographic image was of two individuals who were currently fighting. One could tell that on one side was Su, and on the other was Guile who was many times stronger. Inside the image, Su held the short spear, currently slowly piercing it into Guile’s chest, creating an injury that directly penetrated his body. 

Eight screens were floating around it, data refreshing as if it had gone mad. 

Helen stood in front of the short spear and frowned. She carefully inspected this short spear she had already seen countless times before. In reality, it was extremely crude, pieced together from three metal fence poles. At one end was a short military blade that was used as a spearhead. Apart from being sturdy, there wasn’t any sense of workmanship. In addition, from the extensive power it experienced, the spear was already distorted from head to toe. There were also prominent hand imprints on both ends of the spear.

Helen’s brows shrunk more and more. She quietly assessed the strength needed to produce these results, but after producing more than ten models, the end results each time were far above what Su could achieve. This was especially the case when one considered how a sharp instrument created such an enormous injury. A few other high level applications of force should have been added, but those were all abilities only those who had undergone power strengthening to the seventh level could produce. It was clear that Su was still far from reaching this stage. 

After standing for half an hour, Helen’s face became pale again. Once again, another model was rejected. She didn’t feel dejected, however, because any research involving the human body was challenging, and the mysteries hidden in Su’s body were far more numerous than those of an ordinary person’s.

After constructing another model, Helen handed over the sea of data processing to the computer system. She herself returned to the central laboratory and accepted Persephone’s call. 

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