Book 3 Chapter 11.2

Book 3 Chapter 11.2 - Choice

Su stood back up while staggering about. His left eye that was barely opened had already became red from blood congestion. Everything he saw seemed to be soaked within a sea of blood. Glaring handprints could be seen on his neck, and it was still turning more red. The air he breathed in got stuck at his throat. His neck was already completely rigid; if he even moved his neck bones slightly, it would bring back stinging pain. Su knew that his own neck bones were already covered in cracks, and that the slightest movement would cause them to fracture into pieces. However, right now, he wasn’t thinking about how to deal with these injuries at all. 

Even though he couldn’t see everything clearly already, there were still a few figures that hadn’t fallen in Su’s field of view. These were without a doubt individuals on Sarton’s side!

“Fuck! Why are there… so many… still alive!...” A low, rolling roar sounded from Su’s throat like that of a wild...

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