Book 3 Chapter 10.4

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The blood flowing out of Sarton’s body actually listened to his instinctive call? In addition, during the final moments of the battle just now, Su could clearly sense that his own body had some type of reaction to Sarton’s. When this type of reaction was established, Sarton’s power began to quickly decrease, granting Su the opportunity for the decisive strike. Otherwise, the battle would have persisted for another twenty seconds, and Su’s injuries would be roughly a tenth worse. This tenth couldn’t be underestimated, because it meant that even if Su devoured Sarton’s corpse, he would only be able to temporarily preserve his life. He wouldn’t have been able to head for the Town of Trials at all. Without any food or treatment within two days, Su would similarly die.

Su lightly moved about his body, feeling that his injuries have already recovered a bit, to the extent where he even had a bit of fighting ability left. From the rate of decomposition and absorption, the efficiency of the blood that was called over was much higher than that from when he was sucking it out of Sarton’s body. In addition, many substances in Sarton’s blood were usable by Su, directly becoming a part of his body’s tissues. This was the main reason he was able to quickly recover!

Su gave the droplets of blood that were still wriggling about on his hand in search of injuries a look, and then he gently placed them onto his tongue. The feeling his tongue brought him was a refreshing one. After making contact with his tongue’s mucous membranes, it immediately...

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