Book 3 Chapter 10.3

Book 3 Chapter 10.3 - Net

Muffled pu pu pu sounds continuously rang through the air. In just a short minute, the black chain and Su’s short blade exchanged who knew how many attacks. Sarton’s stamina was already reaching a critical 31%, so his power in using the black chain was similarly declining. Meanwhile, every strike Su released was unexpectedly the same as when they first made contact!

Su’s body was covered in injuries, to the extent where there were even beads of blood flying about, and he was clearly even maintaining seven levels of perception ability! Meanwhile, the horror Sarton felt inside seemed nearly unsuppressible. He truly doubted just how much of Su’s genes could still be considered human. Sarton maintained five levels of perception ability. Even though the pain brought by the dozen or so wounds on his body wouldn’t affect his attacks, it would still bring him a sliver of distraction. This was the perception ability limit Sarton could maintain in the current battle. 

However, Sarton’s shock didn’t last that long. The final decisive battle instantly erupted when his stamina dropped to 30%! The black chain pierced...

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