Book 3 Chapter 10.2

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These were the unwritten rules left behind by the olden era; everything was based on evidence. Even though Sarton felt nothing but disdain towards this hypocritical and empty principle, he couldn’t help but admit that sometimes, using proper rules was still important. 

Just like that, the two fought, one in pursuit and one pursued. They were already far from the Town of Trials.

A light pu sounded. The black chain entered the ground, and then it emerged again several tens of meters out, returning to Sarton’s finger. The black chain that originally could extend up to a hundred meters was now less than a meter in length. The tip was like a viper as it nimbly moved about in search of clues. 

Sarton sat there in a quiet and still manner. His eyes were narrowed down to a crack as he stared at Su who was less than ten meters in front of him. Green radiance blasted towards his face, so bright that it almost covered his entire field of view! In the end, Sarton was forced to adjust his perception ability to a lower level and switch over to his regular perspective. The powerful green light signified that Su was currently using high intensity perception power to probe Sarton’s body, moreover in a completely undisguised manner. From the radiance’s brilliance, Su had at least six levels of Perception Domain ability, perhaps even higher! Meanwhile, after adjusting his Perception Domain abilities, he barely maintained it at a fifth level perception intensity. 

Five levels of perception was already enough for Sarton to obtain all the information he needed. From his comprehensive analysis of the data he received, Su should currently have around 34% of his stamina remaining, perhaps even lower than what Sarton had left! This meant that Su was already an arrow at the end of its flight. Aside from those freakish dragonrider generals, Sarton had never heard of any other dragonriders that were able to match his own level of stamina transfer and allocation. 

As for perception abilities, Sarton sneered inwardly. Once perception abilities passed a certain degree, it would instead become a burden. The higher the level of perception ability, the greater their sensation towards pain would become. Even though individuals with more than five levels of ability had both talent and willpower, as long as they were human, their willpower would always have a limit. Perhaps there were humans who truly had limitless willpower, but their nervous system would still limit them. 

“Mouse, you aren’t running anymore?” Sarton’s eyes were filled with mockery. The patterns on his body became a bit clearer. At this moment, there was no reason to conserve stamina anymore. 

Even though only a single eye was revealed from beneath the facemask, Su’s almost perfect body proportions made Sarton’s eyes light up. This kind of body, if he was allowed to modify a bit, perhaps might bring him an unprecedented feeling of excitement… Unfortunately, now wasn’t the time to think about these things, and there was even less of a chance that he would leave this mouse with its life for the sake of a bit of pleasure or even delay his death for a moment. Salvaging Madeline’s body might be the most important event of Mitchels’ entire life. If it wasn’t because his identity was too great, the one that was in charge of tonight’s matters might not be Sarton, but instead Mitchels himself. But now, this secretive and important mission was no longer under Guile’s management. Right now, there was still an extremely dangerous Peperus. Every second that passed made Sarton burn with impatience. 

 Guile and Peperus were both executioners, but Sarton knew that this was only because Madeline and Peperus had no interest in wealth and status, and there was even less of a chance that they would care about ranks. The reason Peperus took on the rank of executioner was just for the sake of easily managing the arbitration officials below her. It was unrelated to her fighting strength. In the past two years, Sarton had fought against Peperus many times both in public and in secret, but he suffered losses for the most part. He was quite clear that even though this woman’s fighting strength was a bit inferior to his, her craftiness and sinisterness was not. Her fierceness even more so far surpassed his. 

Even though Peperus already had all of her abilities sealed and was tightly restricted, even though Guile would unload his desires onto her body several times each day, contaminating every inch of her flesh with humiliation, if Guile and Peperus were left together for a long time, Sarton still felt for some reason that the one that would be destroyed in the end was still Guile. 

If rape was useful, Sarton would have had his underlings torment Peperus twenty-four hours a day. However, Peperus was born in the wilderness, and those of the wilderness, even if they were just a few years old, would know what sex was. Before they reached ten, they would already be using their bodies to exchange for a bit of bread and dirty water. Meanwhile, that stupid Guile actually still thought that his own humiliation was useful! His actions might be useful against the girls that were born in Dragon City’s families, but on Peperus’ body, apart from satisfying a bit of Guile’s own desires, it didn’t serve to do anything else. 

If Guile’s intelligence was even half of his six levels of combat abilities, no, even if it was a fourth, it would be enough. This was what Sarton helplessly thought. 

He raised his head and looked at Su who had already stood there for a whole second and said, “You are quite an excellent mouse. Are you considering accompanying me from today on?

Before his words even finished, the black chain shot towards the space between Su’s brows like a streak of lightning! Sarton didn’t want an answer at all. What he wanted was just for Su to become momentarily distracted. 

Su’s body leaned to the side. His right hand grabbed a short military blade to block the black chain. The black chain began to vibrate, and the power that erupted blasted Su’s body out an entire three meters!

However, Sarton’s brows furrowed. The moment they exchanged blows, he already sensed that Su still had barely five levels of explosive strength, while due to his exhaustion of stamina, Sarton’s black chain only had around six levels of power. Even though this was still enough superiority to practically crush Su, Su was no longer someone who couldn’t retaliate. This situation made Sarton feel extremely unhappy. In addition, he even noticed that Su’s left hand was holding a small pistol, and the muzzle was always radiating a weak bit of green radiance. It seemed like it was loaded with biochemical ammunition. 

The black chain withdrew slightly, drawing an arc through the sky. Then, it it suddenly sprung out, hacking towards Su’s waist like a streak of lightning! Su dropped down like a block of wood, avoiding the black chain’s sweep. Then, the short blade blocked the black chain that suddenly shot downwards, and the pistol was raised towards Sarton, forcing him to dodge several meters to the side. 

Only now did a true intense battle break out!

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