Book 3 Chapter 10.1

Book 3 Chapter 10.1 - Net

Su was sprinting in the darkness. There was already no way to stop his aura from leaking out. The injury at his waist ruptured as he ran, wisps of blood soaking through the cloth strips tightly binding the wound. Behind him, the black chain continued to hack at him from all types of inconceivable angles like a specter, hacking towards Su’s vital areas. 

Su was in quite a difficult situation. He couldn’t break free from the black chain’s pursuit, but the black chain no longer had the unstoppable power it had when the intense battle first began. Regardless of whether it was speed or power, they both became a bit weaker. After all, this was already a mountain region fifty or so kilometers away from the Town of Trials, and since the battle first began, three hours and twenty-one minutes had ...

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