Book 3 Chapter 1.3

Book 3 Chapter 1.3 - Back To the Beginning

Lieutenant Colonel Julio stared angrily at Su, but this naturally didn’t produce any results either. He lit a cigarette and forcefully took a few breaths. He grabbed back the documents in front of Su’s face, and while shaking them, he said, “Youngster, listen well. The dragonrider mission system isn’t as easy as you think! The issue and completion of every mission contributes to the overall mission of the Black Dragonriders! Many missions are connected to the success or failure of others. If the distributor of the missions is intelligent enough, one like myself, they could even carry out a true battle campaign through a series of missions! Kafen and Maria were two individuals who completed missions with high efficiency, so these missions are all extremely important, even affecting the battle strategies of many different Black Dragonrider regions! You have brought me quite a bit of trouble!”

“Because of the efficiency in which they complete missions, your distinguished self can ignore the fact that they...

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