Book 3 Chapter 1.1

Book 3 Chapter 1.1 - Back To the Beginning

The road towards Dragon City was extremely safe, with creatures that might hold hostility hibernating in their nests from the severe winter. For some reason, all of the danger he continuously felt had vanished, moreover vanishing in an extremely thorough manner. 

The reason winter was the natural enemy of a traveler was not only because of the freezing temperatures, but also because of the lack of food and falling snow that was full of radiation. As mutations emerged more and more rapidly, creatures with resistances to cold, heat, and radiation continuously emerged. The things those creatures could feast on were gradually widening as well, so the ability to eat any organic matter was already an instinct that couldn’t be considered to be too rare. 

Just like how he usually behaved in the wilderness, he maintained a steady speed as he ran. Due to his injuries not being healed yet, he only maintained a speed of roughly twenty kilometers per hour. Each time he undertook...

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