Book 2 Chapter 9.4

Book 2 Chapter 9.4 - Apostle

“The past? In the past, I had eight levels of ability, but what do I have now? Absolutely nothing! Apart from fucking women, what else can I do? I can’t even fuck a real woman!” Diaster’s face twisted as he roared out with all his strength. 

“Your abilities were offered as a sacrifice for the apostles’ awakening. You should feel proud to be able to become a part of the apostles. In addition, the apostles have also given you something in return, which is allowing you to live, as well as living with your own consciousness intact.” Pandora’s voice became increasingly cold, and it gradually turned into a completely emotionless machine-like voice. “That is why, my dear father, your dissatisfaction is without any meaning. What you need to do right now is not having sex with women, but to provide Martham support. After capturing Su, you need to immediately bring him back to Scorpion Nest. The apostles have already become impatient. If an opposing high-level dragonrider brings back Su while you are transporting him back, then the existence of your own consciousness would have reached its end.”

Diaster couldn’t conceal his cowardness, but he still said, “Martham? Will he be able to catch Su? I’m rather doubtful. Moreover, will Su throw himself into the trap? At least until now, he has shown enough intelligence, as well as great shrewdness. This isn’t an easy opponent.”

“Inside of my matrix analysis, the chance of Martham capturing Su is above 80%, so it can be viewed as an inevitable matter.”

“However, battles aren’t computer programs. Even if we have 100% certainty, something unexpected might still happen,” Diaster said. 

“Martham’s 80% is already much greater than O’Sullivan’s 35%. We will end the discussion here.” Pandora spoke coldly, as if she didn’t pay any attention to Diaster’s doubt. 

The figure of the young lady slightly extended out her left foot, and Diaster walked up. He lowered his heads and respectfully kissed the tip. Then, with a flicker of light, the room returned to normal. 

Diaster continued to stand where he was with a frown. While strenuously thinking, he completely forgot about the female soldier in the room. Meanwhile, she quietly laid on the table, retaining her original position without moving. Before receiving a new order, she would continue to lie there. Even if she were to freeze to death, she would not change positions or put on clothes. 

“Su… This fellow doesn’t seem easy to defeat!” Diaster seemed to be a bit fretful and anxious.

Su slowly loosened his finger on the trigger, allowing it to gradually return to its original position. After maintaining that position for a long time, the muscles in his hand became a bit sore.

It was already past 12. Even though it was already the next day, there were no changes to the great darkness. The central plaza’s camp had already become extremely quiet, with most of Blue Scorpion's soldiers and engineering staff already asleep. There weren’t any sentinels or other types of personnel set-up, because the floating electronic eyes were much more discreet and effective than even the sharpest of soldiers. 

The only thing that remained unchanging was that building that was still lit. From the window, he could see that the male was still staring at the screen in front of him, occasionally moving, stretching out his body a bit. Perhaps due to his overly sturdy build, his movements didn’t seem too natural. 

Su took a few deep breaths, and then he placed his finger on the trigger again before aiming at the male sitting by the window. 

“Could it be that this is a trap… set up for me?” Su silently thought. He wasn’t in any rush to press the trigger. 

There didn’t seem to be any problems with this camp on the surface, and the male in front of the window seemed to fulfill all the characteristics of a high value target. However, after observing for a long time, Su noticed that the screen in front of the male was moving with a regular pattern, repeating every few minutes. Even though he couldn’t see exactly what was on the screen, Su’s accurate memory already noticed that the contents of the screen in front of that male were actually continuously repeating. In addition, he didn’t really look into the contents of the screen and instead just sat there while pretending to look at it. 

Even though he wasn’t looking at the screen, he still sat in front of the window unmoving. His intentions were already quite obvious, and it was to lure in the snipers hiding in the darkness. 

However, how did the other party know that he was coming tonight? Or could it be that this trap was set up day after day, waiting for him to take the bait?

“Should I go for the trap?” Su’s breathing gradually lengthened. Along his entire body, it was as if every single muscle fiber was gradually trembling. After a few breaths, Su already mobilized all of his body’s hidden power. He was like a warehouse packed with gunpowder; as long as it was lit, it would erupt with terrifying energy. 

Su pulled back the rifle. He then brought out a bullet from his knapsack before placing it into the barrel of the gun again. This was an armor penetrating bullet used specifically to deal with light armored targets, and not a normal sniper bullet. Its precision was a bit inferior, but it was definitely not something a normal sniper bullet could be compared to. On the bullethead, Su already carved complex patterns, but these were just for the sake of making the trajectory more stable. 

The crosshairs were aimed once again at the back of the robust male’s head, and the estimated point of impact was his lower back. A blade-like, cold and deep radiance flickered within the depths of Su’s pupil. This bullet would definitely bring this male a great surprise. In addition, after this shot, Su had already prepared enough presents for the Scorpions of Disaster. 

The relationship between traps and prey wasn’t absolute. Excessively powerful prey had a chance of becoming the hunter instead. 

Su pressed the trigger!

The shooting sound immediately resounded through Pendulum City’s skies, and the male fell in response!

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