Book 2 Chapter 9.3

Book 2 Chapter 9.3 - Apostle

At this moment, Blue Scorpion’s forward operating base was brightly lit, and hundreds of vehicles entered in a line, separately stopping at different places. Not only were there tanks of different uses here, there were also many engineering vehicles with unknown purposes. Over a thousand individuals arrived in the infantry moving tanks. They headed for their respective positions immediately, as if they already knew where they were supposed to be located and what their work was. Even though there was a lot of people, everything proceeded in a clear and orderly manner without any sign of chaos. The entire forward operating base was like a meticulous and fine-tuned machine that quickly operated. 

The workshops were brightly lit, and the deafening sounds of machines rumbling continuously sounded. The transport vehicles unloaded the chests of components, and then someone moved them into the garage. There were even some strangely shaped engineering vehicles that directly drove into the spacious garage. Some of them directly lowered their support pillars and dismantled their outer shells, turning into a multi-purpose work machine tool. There were also a few that were directly dismantled into various components. 

Inside of the marshal’s residence at the edge of the base, Diaster was covered in sweat. A young woman was pressed against the table, and he was currently hard at work. He looked through the narrow window at the forward operating base that was operating at full force while pounding forward ferociously. When he saw the bustling and thriving scene, Diaster didn’t have the slightest feeling of happiness, and instead hatefully cursed a few times before using all of his body’s strength to fiercely pound his body against the woman below him, as if all of the anger within him was currently being unloaded. 

“I’m gonna fuck you to death, you little slut! I’m going to fuck you to death!” Diaster roared and howled. However, the female soldier that was pressed on the table simply allowed him to ravage her. 

Right at this moment, the lighting in this room suddenly lit up. Over ten laser lights continuously moved about. The rays of light interweaved together, unexpectedly producing an image that didn’t seem any different from a real person.

It was a girl that seemed about ten years old. However, her extremely sweet little face was completely cold and arrogant. 

“My dear father, I am happy to see that you are still so energetic. It seems like these puppets should be able to satisfy your fundamental needs.” The little girl’s voice sounded a bit mature, carrying a bit of magnetism and roughness. However, her way of speaking was still stiff and machine-like without any of the emotions a human should have. 

“Pandora!” Diaster raised his head to look at the girl, his face slightly twisted. He reached out his hand to grab the girl, but his hand passed through her skirt. The rough arm that was covered in brown hair was covered in colorful light, making him realize that what was in front of him was just a projection created from light and voice. No matter how real it looked, it was just a projection. 

The marshal’s eyes were full of bloody veins. He stared deathly at the girl in front of him, and then he began to pound the female soldier with even more force, as if all of the life remaining in him was poured out. In addition, he looked at the girl while he was doing this, so it was clear what he was implying. 

“It doesn’t matter how many puppets there are, fucking them doesn’t feel like anything! You know that the one I want to fuck is you, my dear daughter!” At this moment, the marshal was like a beast that had already lost reason. He was no longer the elder Su met previously who was still a bit cunning and cowardly. 

“My dear father, your esteemed self should know that there will never be this possibility.” Pandora looked at Diaster with a look of ridicule. 

“Then make a puppet for me! One that looks exactly the same as you, no, one isn’t enough. I want more than a few! If you start the production, it’ll be completed in a month. This time, I want those that know how to cry out. Don’t give me these things that don’t have any feeling!” The marshal roared, not hiding the desire in his eyes at all. 

“That is not possible either. If I give you this type of puppet, I might as well come myself, my dear father. However, if I went there myself, would you even dare to take off my clothes?” The mockery in Pandora’s eyes became greater. 

“Why wouldn’t I dare?!” The marshal roared angrily. Even though the volume of his voice was great enough, his body’s movements became machine-like and rigid, no longer as lively as they were before. 

A naive and sweet smile continued to hang from Pandora’s face. “My dear father, let’s stop this topic here. Let’s first talk about O’Sullivan’s death.”

When O’Sullivan was mentioned, Diaster’s fury clearly weakened greatly. His loftiness also seemed to have greatly declined. “Before death, he would have definitely carried out the ‘purification’, not revealing too many secrets to the other side. This time, I underestimated Su, but they might have dispatched a high level dragonrider…”

“Apart from Su, there weren’t any other dragonriders from the other side, to the extent where there weren’t even any formal subordinates.” Pandora interrupted the marshal’s words. 

“Impossible! O’Sullivan definitely wouldn’t have lost to Su, and he had so many helpers with him! In the ten thousand battle simulations, O’Sullivan only lost 350 times. In addition, how do you know the other party didn’t send out any higher level dragonriders?” Diaster didn’t seem to believe Pandora’s words at all. 

“Su had tried to infiltrate our network, and at that time, I sent some information into the portable intelligence brain, which the Black Dragonriders call tactical tablets. Then, when he communicated with headquarters, I invaded the dragonriders’ central network for twenty seconds. The military strength of that battle and the personnel allocated were also within the acquired information.”

Pandora’s reply left Diaster extremely shocked. “How could it have been only twenty seconds?! Could it be that the Black Dragonriders’ intelligence brain level of technology has already surpassed ours?”

“No, from the dragonriders’ intelligence brain, their level of technology should be the same as ours and perhaps even a bit inferior. From the information obtained from their central network, it seems like the Black Dragonriders’ have several extremely powerful computing centers, but these centers weren’t connected into a network and used together. As such, their processing capabilities will be greatly affected. However, during the process of invasion, I encountered an extremely formidable opponent. She noticed me at the tenth second, and then used five seconds to feign ignorance towards the invasion and prepare a counterattack. Then, she hacked into my network for five seconds, taking away some information. Of course, this was all information I was prepared to send her. When she completed downloaded it, I cut off the connection. I hope she properly makes use of that information.” Arrogance and mockery continued to coexist on Pandora’s face. 

However, Diaster’s expression didn’t seem to relax much. He even stopped his body’s movements and said, “Did we choose the wrong enemy this time? The Black Dragonriders’ technology is of a higher level than what we predicted, and dragonriders with much greater strength haven’t even made a move yet!”

The corners of Pandora’s lips formed an icy and arrogant smile. “No, the Black Dragonriders is precisely the enemy we need! They have technology that complements ours, as well as numerous powerful ability formulations. In addition, they fight individually, which means they are unable to cooperate. There is no mistake in my decision!”

Diaster backed up from the woman’s body. He frowned and didn’t say anything. 

A coldness that was a bit hard to detect appeared on Pandora’s little face, and she coldly said, “Don’t forget that I still have the apostles! If Black Dragonriders fight against us, they will find our strength increasing at a speed they cannot comprehend. Another thing, Su is someone the apostles want, so we must capture him!”

As soon as he heard the word apostle, an expression of fear and pain appeared on Diaster’s face. He asked, “The matter with O’Sullivan, the apostles aren’t upset, are they?”

His voice was extremely soft, as if he was scared that someone would hear them. 

Pandora said, “As long as you can catch Su, the price of O’Sullivan is still worth it. However, my dear father, I already said before that your plan is no good. If you spent less time on these puppets, then you wouldn’t be making this type of rudimentary error. I truly hope that you can return to the invincible father from the past, even if that’s an impossible task.”

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