Book 2 Chapter 9.2

Book 2 Chapter 9.2 - Apostle

Helen stared at Su for a long time without any expression on her face. Then, she said, “What you should be thinking about is how to wipe out Blue Scorpion’s armored fleet. Only then will headquarters not send other dragonriders over. If you want to obtain all of the reward and merit, that is the only way.”

“What should I do?” Su frowned. Strategy was not his strong suit, and Li did not come out from the hospital yet. 

“Think of something yourself!” With a pa sound, Helen cut off the channel. 

How was he supposed to annihilate Blue Scorpion’s armored fleet? Did Blue Scorpion already know that Avonford had heavy artillery? These questions definitely weren’t going to answer themselves. Su had no idea what to do, so he had no choice but to ask Kane. Kane’s answer to his questions was simple: scouting. Only by gaining more intelligence could they reach a better conclusion. 

The soldiers under Su who could initiate scouting had practically all been wiped out. In the short and intense battle last night, the two surviving soldiers each received three evolutionary points, so it was clear just how vicious and intense that battle was. The only one that was suitable for scouting out Blue Scorpion was Su, or Kane could as well. However, Kane’s value wasn’t in combat, so Su still decided to scout on his own first. Kane led ten soldiers with ‘bronze dragons’ to provide assistance. 

When the curtain of night descended, Su became like a specter as he once again appeared outside Pendulum City. There were many intelligent sensing landmines scattered around the edge of Pendulum City. Most of their positions matched up with the places Su knew about, meaning that they were left behind previously. A small portion of the landmines were newly placed, and they filled up possible holes and exits. 

These landmines were naturally useless against Su. However, apart from Su, there was no way any normal person could walk through this minefield. 

Blue Scorpion chose to make the central plaza their camp again. A row of seven soldier transporting tanks rested side by side, and on the other side of the plaza rested four main battle tanks. Next to the main battle tanks were three eye-catching reapers. What was different from last time was that there were a lot more supply vehicles in the plaza, and six fuel supply vehicles were included among them.

Blue Scorpion’s discipline and allocation of work and rest were extremely strict. It was already nine in the evening, and based on what Su observed last time, it would be time for ordinary soldiers to sleep in half an hour. Under the rows of tents, the soldiers were tidying up various things and making preparations before sleeping. They didn’t say anything to each other, and no one looked around. Everyone was wholeheartedly taking care of their own matters. 

A small three floored building that could overlook the plaza released a warm light. Through the third floor windows, one could vaguely see a figure sitting in front of the window that was busily working on something. Even with a thousand meters between them, Su could tell that this was a man, and he was rather tall and sturdy, his muscles developed to the point where he didn’t even look like a human anymore. However, under this distance, Su couldn’t see what was displayed on the screen in front of this male. 

Su noiselessly moved about within the buildings, carefully avoiding the electronic eyes floating about in the sky. As he gazed into the silently flying electronic eyes from within the shadow of the ruins, a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind. 

When him and Enzo first met Blue Scorpion, Enzo’s traces were detected by the electronic eyes. Su also included the electronic eyes in the report in the materials and report that were sent back. At the very least, the electronic eyes contained some type of high efficiency fuel technology, precise flight control technology, and perhaps a few other anti-gravity technologies. However, dragonrider headquarters didn’t seem to have given this any type of evaluation or grant any corresponding rewards. 

Headquarters was extremely fair, if, of course, no one interfered. 

This meant that there was most likely similar technology within the Black Dragonriders. However, Su had never seen such an item on the list of equipment. Perhaps it might be because his level of authority was still too low. 

The male on the third floor seemed a bit different from the other puppets. Occasionally, he would forcefully wave his fists, which seemed to be a rather emotional movement. For some reason, when Su watched this male from afar, his body gradually tensed up, and his muscles sent back a slight piercing sensation. In the past, Su would only have this type of reaction when he faced a powerful opponent.

No matter which angle you looked at it from, this male was definitely an important figure in this armored fleet, perhaps even the commander. As long as he was eliminated, Blue Scorpion might fall into chaos. This type of thinking was extremely enticing, and Su couldn’t help but continue moving towards the plaza. 

Su made his way through two more small buildings, and then he climbed onto the roof of a warehouse. He concealed himself under the protruding air vent. This position was extremely ideal, roughly 1600 meters away from that male, perfect for Su to display his strength. With this distance, a steady target, peaceful surroundings, and a bit of luck, Su had 90% certainty that he could send a bullet into that male’s body. Even though there were concealment strips wrapped around the rifle on his back and there were a stabilimeter and interferometer installed on the muzzle, the power of the bullet was still powerful enough to blast apart a person with five levels of defense strengthening. 

He then looked towards the plaza. There was an absolutely crazy number of valuable targets. First of all, if those six fuel carts were full of fuel, then as soon as they exploded, the power produced would be world-shaking, to the point where Roxland’s branch headquarters might not even remain intact afterwards. The new era’s high energy fuel combustion point was extremely high, making it rather safe. However, the chemical flame bullets Su carried could ignite all of the high energy fuel. If the high energy fuel was ignited, there would definitely be a terrifying scene produced. 

Meanwhile, the three reapers already stopped to rest, or perhaps entered some type of energy-saving state. Only two of their electronic eyes continuously flickered. The three special bullets meant to defeat the three intelligent mecha targets were currently in Su’s knapsack, so he might be able to give them a try. Even though the reapers’ intelligent backbones were hidden within their chest armor, perhaps Helen already found a way to defeat it. 

As for those individuals that were currently returning to their tents to sleep, they were also extremely good targets. Their flesh was extremely weak under the power of bullets and explosives, but when they entered the tanks, they became the heart of the massacring machines. 

If he could bring some ‘bronze dragons’, then it would have been perfect; this was what Su thought regretfully. If the bronze dragon guided missiles were installed with combustion or anti-infantry warheads, then the completely unprepared enemy would be taught an unforgettable lesson. 

However, Su immediately tossed this unrealistic way of thinking into the back of his head. He slowly extended the rifle forward, and the muzzle reached slightly out from the edge of the warehouse roof before stopping. The terrain matching detection method wasn’t impossible to crack. As long as one exploited the surrounding terrain as much as possible and slowed down one’s movements enough, the movements of the surroundings might drop to a level where it wouldn’t be detected. 

Su stopped breathing. 1600 meters out, that male’s head was already clearly reflected in his pupils. However, when he slowly pressed his finger down on the trigger, Su suddenly had a feeling that something was wrong. In addition, the closer his trigger finger got to the critical point, the clearer the restless feeling within his heart grew. 

A line of cold sweat emerged on his back, as if there was a poisonous snake crawling on top, waiting for the right moment to pour all of its venom into Su’s body. 

Su was someone who believed his own intuition greatly. His eyebrows moved slightly. His fingers stopped moving, stopping his finger that was on the edge of firing. 

His green pupil began to rapidly shrink, but he still didn’t press the trigger. Was he to shoot or not? Was this actually not a good opportunity? In addition, there didn’t seem like there were any issues with that male. However, Su still hesitated. He didn’t know why he was hesitating. 

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