Book 2 Chapter 8.4

Book 2 Chapter 8.4 - Scorpions of the Night

Su seemed to have just emerged from the mountain ridge when his muzzle turned around to aim in that direction. Then, three shots were fired in succession. The first forced Su to hide again, and the other two flew past his right and left side. If Su shifted his head to the side, he definitely would have been hit. Fortunately, Su only moved backwards. 

Peng! The Blue Scorpion sniper’s sharp and clear gunshot tore through the air. It was completely different from the Black Dragonriders’ style of weapons. From the direction the gunshot sounded from, it seemed like he unexpectedly still remained in the same place!

The miserable cries of one of his soldiers didn’t affect Su’s mood. Similarly, the Blue Scorpion sniper’s arrogance didn’t make Su angry. He suddenly recalled that at this place, there was a mountain area where he had an advantage over Blue Scorpion: heavy artillery!

Su immediately opened the tactical tablet...

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