Book 2 Chapter 8.3

Book 2 Chapter 8.3 - Scorpions of the Night

Six Blue Scorpion snipers were already dead, and three more were locked onto by Su. It was unknown if there were more hiding in the darkness. Su decided that this possibility wasn’t great, because the battle had already continued for a long time, and there was no way experienced snipers wouldn’t find their targets by now. There were still five soldiers on Su’s side. At least now, they’ve already proved themselves to be more than just targets to be killed. 

Su put away the rifle and quickly moved through the cover of darkness. The uneven and rugged ground became his best protection. Twenty minutes later, the necks of two more Blue Scorpion snipers were twisted by him. 

“There is one last one…” Su gently lowered the Blue Scorpion...

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