Book 2 Chapter 8.1

Book 2 Chapter 8.1 - Scorpions of the Night

After the torrential rain, the ground was covered in mud that was suffused with radiation. The surrounding radiation increased many times over, and even the soldiers that possessed relatively higher resistance towards radiation could not stay in this type of environment for an extended amount of time. There were radiation resistance medications in the basic infantry medication kits, but the their effects were limited and only remained effective for a single day. This was mainly used to allow the soldiers to cross regions that contained especially vile levels of radiation. For those like the six soldiers who were drenched in the violent rain, the basic kit’s medicines were completely ineffective. 

The current nasty environment made cleaning up Pendulum City become a difficult and pointless task. Kane picked a few tough soldiers with higher levels of resistance towards radiation and cleared a path from Pendulum City to bring out some vehicles filled with fuel. Then, the soldiers cleaned up their tents and...

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