Book 2 Chapter 7.5

Book 2 Chapter 7.5 - Weak

Su didn’t pay attention to her and instead took out his tactical tablet, directly connecting to a preset line. Several seconds later, Helen’s image appeared. Just like Persephone who was always fighting regardless of when she picked up the phone, Helen seemed to be forever buried in work without any signs of rest. 

Helen’s eyes looked around, and after seeing Li who was completely naked and the half naked Su, she spoke in a rather indifferent tone, “It seems like now isn’t the best time to speak. Or is your intention to show me your physiological reaction? This is good news, but only when you do it in front of me will it be truly good news.”

“A storm broke out here, and there are seven people who got soaked. I need the hospital to make preparations. As soon as the rain stops, I will send them over.” Su said. 

The screen showed Helen lower her head again to once again focus on her work. She didn’t even raise her head after hearing what Su said. “Please be a bit more specific, Lieutenant Su. I do not recall the number of people in your army who can receive treatment in my hospital reaching as much as seven.”

Su suppressed his inner anxiousness and slowed down his words. He first explained what had just happened, and then he said, “That is how the situation is. Li and six soldiers need treatment. The radiation in this downpour was especially powerful.”

Helen raised her head, and after giving Su a look, she went back to busily doing work. In a unenthusiastic voice, she said, “Including you, those that were rained on should reach eight.”

“I’m fine. I do not fear the radiation.” Su said. 

Helen revealed a clear frown. She stopped doing what she was doing, and after thinking for a while, she said, “There truly is that possibility. In addition, you should understand more about your body than I do. Of course, this situation is only temporary. As for those that can receive treatment, Li can, but the others cannot. You should have your battlefield medic treat them.”

“Then what do we do about those soldiers? I don’t have a battlefield medic, nor do I have medications! This level of radiation won’t allow them to last a single day!” Su was already somewhat unable to suppress his rage. 

Li was constantly staring at Helen on the screen, and she suddenly said, “I don’t need treatment. You can treat my soldiers then, right?!”

“Shut up!” Su roared towards Li. It unexpectedly made Li tremble before involuntarily backing up. 

Su looked at Helen, and with a calm voice, he said, “Shouldn’t you explain yourself a bit?”

Helen adjusted her glasses, and then she asked seriously, “Does this need an explanation as well? Lieutenant Su, are you truly that naive?”

Her voice was extremely dull, but Su could hear a tremendous mockery from it. At this time, Su instead calmed down and said, “I truly do not understand.”

“Then fine, I will give you an explanation.” Helen put down the stuff she was working on. She crossed her arms and faced the screen, and with the coldness of a machine, she spoke in a completely monotonous voice, “From a systematical standpoint, only dragonriders or subordinates have the qualifications to receive treatment in Dragon City’s hospitals. Of course, an exception could be made for private hospitals, for example, the woman of that subordinate of yours. However, this was on the premise that Kane paid enough. Now, let’s discuss more practical reasons. The treatment for this type of acute radiation is much more difficult than treating mutated tissues, and the price for a single portion of medicine is 250 thousand. Lieutenant Su, with your current credit and mission situation, I am only willing to give Li treatment in advance. In addition, if she is willing to comply with my research, I can even reduce a portion of the cost. As for the six soldiers, Lieutenant Su, you do not have the ability to vouch for them at all.”

“Then should I watch them die just like that?” Su’s voice was gradually becoming more and more similar to Helen’s. 

Helen didn’t hesitate in the slightest and said, “Correct. The lives of those living in the wilderness are not valuable. I believe that you are more clear on this aspect than me, Lieutenant Su.”

Su was indeed clear on the laws of the wilderness, and he had seen countless deaths. However, what he couldn’t accept was that the Black Dragonriders clearly had the ability, yet they weren’t willing to provide treatment, even if it was for the soldiers that had fought bloody wars with him. 

“Don’t tell me that the life of a person can be given a price?” Su laughed bitterly as he helplessly said to himself. 

Helen clearly heard this sentence and replied, “Correct. Every single person has a set value. You, me, and even Persephone, all have our own value. You can choose to refuse this point, but others will have their own assessment towards your value. What most people consider to be your value will then be your value in reality. If you aren’t willing to accept it, then all that means is that you believe the value to be too low.”

Su sighed and said, “Perhaps. People still have dignity. Does dignity also have a price?”

“Of course. I have already said before that those who aren’t willing to sell their dignity simply believe their own value to not be high enough.” Helen was extremely serious as she spoke, as if she was discussing an academic subject with Su. However, her next sentence left Su speechless. “In addition, in this era, those that are able to preserve their dignity are either dead, or have reached a stage powerful enough where no one could challenge their dignity. However, if someone like that exists, then that means that apart from him, everyone else will be living completely without dignity.”

“Can my soldiers be treated first? I will think of a way to pay for the fees later.” Su did not feel hopeful towards this proposal of his at all. 

Helen unexpectedly went silent for a bit. Then, she said, “Su, you leave me extremely disappointed. I never thought that you would suggest this type of request. You have to remember three things. The first is that there is a thing known as interest in this world. The amount you transferred to Persephone’s account wasn’t even enough to pay the interest. Persephone might not have mentioned it to you, but that does not mean that the lenders wouldn’t collect interest from her. Second, Li’s treatment is already using your credit. If you are willing to admit that you are willing to shoulder Persephone’s debt, then with your current situation, you wouldn’t be able to vouch for anything with your current credit. That is why you are already receiving quite special treatment. The third thing is that perhaps you might be able to propose additional requests from Persephone, but it shouldn’t be towards me. There is no special relationship between you and me, and I do not have any reason to do anything for your sake. Lieutenant Su, you think of yourself as too important. This world does not revolve around you.”

Su’s face immediately flushed red. Every single word Helen said was like a sharp needle that ruthlessly pierced at his self-esteem. Even when faced against powerful enemies, his heart had never jumped so crazily before. All of his blood seemed to be running out of his control as it sped frantically towards his brain. 

“Right, I remembered something else. In the olden era, there is another phrase that fits your current situation right now, and that is ‘a man that is dependent on his wife’. When the day comes when you don’t have to depend on Persephone comes, I will extremely happily satisfy your request. However, right now, Lieutenant Su, you cannot save many people, so please do not misuse Persephone’s resources. Let’s end it here. Bring Li over tomorrow.”

After speaking, without waiting for Su to reply, Helen directly cut off the communications. 

The tent remained silent for quite a while. Then, Li broke the silence. “It seems like I brought you trouble again.”

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