Book 2 Chapter 7.4

Book 2 Chapter 7.4 - Weak

Lightning poured down like a net, directly connecting the great earth with the clouds. Even though there was a thick tent above him, he could still see the world outside continuously flicker between bright and dark. Large amounts of raindrops descended, creating pi pi pa pa sounds endlessly. The wind roared loudly, frantically tearing at everything in this world!

Under this crazy rainy night, every single human and every single creature were hiding in their rooms, tents, or nests. Every single drop of rain contained fatal levels of radiation, and no one really wanted to have it land on their bodies. Meanwhile, those that could only sleep in the wilderness could only drop onto the ground and let the great rain land on their bodies. The piercing sensation truly left one with despair. 

Su carefully stowed away the diary and stood up. 

Who exactly were ‘they’? This problem continuously lingered in his mind. 

Su lifted the flaps of the entrance and walked out from the tent, raising his head to look into the night sky. Countless water droplets poured down from the bottomless sky, drenching Su in an instant. Inside the rainwater was a bone-penetrating chilliness, as well as an even stronger radiation that pierced through Su’s skin. 

Su closed his eyes. The entire world before his eyes became black and gray. 

Su couldn’t see them, nor could he feel them. 

However, Su didn’t fear the radiation, or at least didn’t fear this level of radiation. He knew a long time ago that he himself was much different from those around him. 

The rain poured down greater and greater. The droplets of rain were already as large as soybeans, and within this downpour were egg-sized hailstones that smashed apart clumps of cement and dust. Even though the tents produced by the Black Dragonriders were extremely sturdy and wouldn’t be broken by the hailstones, there was a similarly strong wind, so when they smashed against the tent, even its foundations became a bit unsteady. All of the tents were swaying back and forth violently under the howling wind and torrential rain. The ropes that tightly bound the tents to the ground even began to release light creaking sounds, as if the tents could be sent flying at any time. The water that had collected on the ground had long collected into a stream. Fortunately, the camp selected a location with relatively higher ground, so they didn’t have to be worried about being submerged by the torrential waters temporarily. 

Su quietly stood within the rain, allowing the bone-penetrating coldness of the rainwater to run down his skin. When the hailstones smashed down, the muscles on his body would slightly contract and relax, bouncing them outwards.

The sky was still dark. 

After allowing himself to be drenched on for a long time, Su was already starting to gradually believe Helen’s words. Diaster should have told him a lie, but even now, Su still couldn’t distinguish which part exactly it was that he lied about. Judging from the diary, Angie, who should now be called Pandora, might be more difficult to deal with than what they had previously thought. She was already so smart at the age of ten, so who knew how smart she was now? What was even more terrifying was that the Angie in the diary seemed to carry a cold and detached attitude towards this world.

Su had this type of feeling before, the feeling that everything he saw or heard wasn’t real. The humans moving in front of him were no different from the steel reinforced bars and cement that weren’t capable of motion. Killing a person was just as easy as breaking a wooden stick, and it similarly didn’t require any thought, didn’t produce any feelings, and not even the blood that splashed out contained any warmth. However, everything changed when he met Madeline and decided to raise her. 

It was better to just completely destroy Blue Scorpion first. Su finally set his resolution. Su still chose to believe Helen and Persephone, because he didn’t have any reason to believe the enemy and not his allies, especially a woman who had already paid so much for his sake. 

As for Diaster, he would just treat him like a stepping stone in his maturity. Next time they met, Su would show him what the cost was of deceiving him. 

A particularly fierce wind swept outwards, blowing back Su’s light blond hair that was already completely soaked perfectly straight. However, Su’s body itself didn’t move in the slightest. His eyes followed this spiraling wind until it reached a tent. At this time, his brain was operating extremely quickly, and at the same time, he was using the thousands of pieces of data to try and analyze what effect a powerful wind of this level would produce. This was the first time Su tried to carry out such a complex analysis, but before a second had even passed, everything before his eyes darkened, and his head felt incredible pain, as if it had been pierced by several dozen needles. 

Su rocked back and forth a few times, and only then did he stabilize himself. He shook his head, because he knew that a calculation of this level surpassed his current limit. Even though after operating his brain at full force increased his calculation speed by at least half, among the people who Su ended up encountering, regardless of whether it was Pandora or Helen, their abilities in analyzing data far surpassed his own. 

At this time, a whoosh sounded. A tent was completely uprooted by the great wind, and the originally heavy stakes that were firmly inserted didn’t seem to carry any weight as it flew into the skies like a feather into the distance. There were six soldiers inside, and they were immediately soaked through by the great rain and knocked down into the cement by the frantic winds. 

Su immediately charged over, first carrying two soldiers who already couldn’t climb to their feet themselves over to his own tent and throwing them in before rushing towards the four others. 

Two tent entrances were currently pulled apart, and it seemed like there were people who wanted to come out. 

“Do not come out!” Su roared in a loud voice. The penetrative force in his voice was clear and resounding as it rang through the wind and rain. 

One of the tents obediently closed, but the other one opened even faster, and Li rushed out from inside. In just a split second, she was completely soaked by the great rain that was suffused with radiation!

“Get back inside!” Su who was carrying two soldiers roared towards Li as he struggled to run through the wind and rain as fast as he could to toss them into his own tent. 

Li silently rushed towards the last two soldiers. She lifted one of them before dragging him towards Su’s tent. With her fourth level power and dexterity, carrying a fully grown man through this violent storm was still barely doable. Su clenched his teeth before directly lifting up the last soldier. When he dragged him into the camp, Li also dragged the soldier she was carrying inside as well. 

Su’s tent was a one person tent. It wasn’t that large, so the six soldiers had to cram themselves together for them to barely fit. Su removed the combat suit from his body, and directly threw it over Li’s head, wrapping her body inside of it. Then, he sprinted towards her tent and threw her inside. 

Li suddenly grabbed Su’s hand and dragged him inside as well. Su didn’t go against it, and instead turned his hand over to close the tent’s entrance. Then, his face fell as he looked coldly at Li. 

As the only female inside the army, Li also had her own tent. Her tent was even a bit smaller than Su’s, and there was only a simple bed. All of her equipment and clothes were tossed below her bed, because she didn’t have that many items to begin with anyway. With both of them inside of this tent, it almost seemed like there wasn’t even enough space to turn around. 

Perhaps due to Su’s piercing gaze, Li wrapped her arms around her knees and sat with her head buried within. She sat in the corner, not raising her head to look at Su. Her entire body had long been drenched, and the water droplets were still flowing down her short maroon hair. Su reached out his hand and moved it across her head, and then she withdrew his hand. The rainwater on his hands was gray-colored, quite clear there was quite a bit of dust floating about. Su’s hands felt slightly numb, a sign that he had received the irritation of radiation. 

Su remained silent. He lifted Li up in one go. Even though Li had four levels of ability, Su’s current strength was also quite ferocious, and in front of Su’s silent anger, she actually appeared a bit timid without any intention of resisting. 

Su grabbed Li’s clothes, and with a forceful tear, directly ripped her upper clothes into two. Then, he tore off her combat breast binding and tossed them onto the ground. 

Li shivered, but she didn’t move, allowing Su to completely strip her naked in two or three movements. Su grabbed the bed sheets and began to wipe away the rainwater from Li’s body in a similarly crude manner. Then, he tossed the wet bed sheets and Li’s soaked clothes outside the tent. 

Li sat in a kneeling position with her head lowered like a child who had made a mistake. 

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