Book 2 Chapter 7.3

Book 2 Chapter 7.3 - Weak

The cover of the diary in Su’s hands was dark-blue, and at the center protruded a sinister-looking scorpion that completely resembled the style of the Scorpions of Disaster. The diary was thick and heavy, and the corners and edges of the cover already showed many signs of wear and tear. The paper inside also seemed a bit darker and rougher, clearly showing traces of having been flipped through many, many times. 

The title page of the diary had rather young and immature writing. “From today onwards, I will work hard to grow up. Angie, twenty-ninth day of the month of the blood scorpion.”

On the title page was also drawn a grassland full of wildflowers. The little girl in the picture was running around with her arms extended, and behind her stood a male figure that didn’t seem to be too tall, but was still rather imposing in appearance. At his side was a gentle and refined woman. This multi-colored drawing made from fountain pens was extremely lifelike. It was clear that little Angie had quite astonishing artistic talents. 

Su then turned to the second page. 

“Today is the second day since I turned nine. I am extremely happy, but I am still the same height as I was yesterday. I truly wish I can grow up a bit faster. Angie, thirtieth day of the month of the blood scorpion.”

It looked just like the diary of a normal little girl. However, if Diaster didn’t lie, then there were definitely secrets inside of this diary. At nine years of age, Pandora didn’t change her name yet, and her original name was Angie. It was on her tenth birthday that she gave herself the new name Pandora. All of the unforeseen events should have happened within this year.

Su continued to flip through the diary, and finally, he reached some noteworthy information. 

“I grew three centimeters since my birthday! However, this took an entire month of time, so it’s still too slow. I need to work hard to grow up! Papa said that when I grow up, all of the Scorpions of Disaster will be handed over to me. Older sister Jessica seems to be extremely unhappy. Angie, first day of the month of the heavenly scorpion.” 

“Why do I have to attend classes endlessly every day? It’s so dry and dull! I want to go play, but papa won’t let me. He said that there is a lot of radiation outside, and that I will die if I go out. What is radiation? Is it those colorful lights? They feel really comfortable when they shine on me! It’s almost as if I can grow quicker if I let them shine on me. Angie, third day of the month of the poisonous scorpion.” 

“I hate attending classes, hate it more and more. I want to go out and play. The teachers are all so long-winded. Why do they repeat things that can be understood with just one time seven or eight times? However, Jessica just doesn’t seem to understand it, so strange. Older brother Minster always says that he doesn’t understand either. Advanced mathematics, high energy physics, basic genetics, basic levels of ability domains… the class timetables are so, so long. I don’t know when I’ll be able to completely finish everything. I want to go out and play. I like those rays of light. They are extremely pretty, and they are nice to me. As long as I am together with them, I can quickly grow up. Angie, ninth day of the month of the earth scorpion.”

“Papa rearranged my academic program, and from tomorrow on, I will be attending lectures by myself. He and the other teachers said that my speed of progress can be increased by three times. Yay! Long live papa! Older sister Jessica was extremely angry and ran away. I now know that she doesn’t like me. However, that doesn’t matter. The sooner I finish school, the earlier I can go out to play. Angie, tenth day of the month of the earth scorpion.”

“Today’s classes ended extremely fast. The teachers all made me feel rather strange. Why do they keep sneaking looks at me? However, I do feel like I am prettier than Jessica, even though she definitely wouldn’t agree with me. Anyway, I finished learning another three books today, so I have an entire afternoon to go out and play. Angie, fifteenth day of the month of the earth scorpion.”

“I like them, and they like me. Now, as long as I got out, they would come to find me. They are extremely pretty and extremely smart. They are also willing to help me grow up, help me become smarter, and help me become prettier. When they enter my body, I can feel their happiness. They are really pretty and are an indescribable color. However, didn’t the books say that there was only a single type of sunlight, and that only when the clouds in the sky part would there be sunlight? Will the clouds in the skies really part? I never saw it happen before. Angie, eleventh day of the month of the water scorpion.”

“Today, I talked to Jessica about them, but she said that I was either crazy or lying. She said that the outside world will always be gray, and that there is never colorful light. I now know that they dislike her and won’t show themselves to her. I also dislike her. Angie, seventh day of the month of the green scorpion.”

“Jessica changed into a new set of clothes just to show me. She seems to want me to see her chest, and then mocked that there’s nothing on my chest. I cannot see what those two lumps of meat are good for, and neither have the books mentioned anything. However, she seems to be rather proud of them, and older brother Minster seems to like those two lumps of meat as well, because he is always looking into Jessica’s shirt collar. I am starting to dislike Jessica more and more, disliking everything about her. Jessica is a complete idiot, and even now, she hasn’t finished learning a single book. I am already starting to study the twenty-sixth one. Angie, first day of the month of the bright scorpion.”

“Today, they told me that I should enter the rear storeroom. I went, because they are my best friends. Jessica and older brother Minster were inside there without any clothes and doing some strange things. Right, there was a book that called this mating, and that it was for the sake of reproduction. However, Jessica should be reproducing with papa, so why is she mating with older brother Minster? However, it doesn’t matter. She won’t be able to reproduce anyhow. I saw them enter her body and silently ruin her reproductive organs. Angie, third day of the month of the bright scorpion.”

“I told yesterday’s matters to papa, and he was extremely angry. That afternoon, older brother Minster and Jessica disappeared. I heard that Jessica had already been circled and is going to be specially dealt with. What does it mean to be specially dealt with? Is it like older brother Minster? I think he was eaten by papa’s scorpion. Angie, fourth day of the month of the bright scorpion.”

“The teachers do not have anything left to teach me. I need to learn things myself from the computer. Now I understand that it wasn’t that other people were too stupid, but that I was too smart. Today, papa praised me, saying that I grew up really quickly. When he used to praise me, he would always tell me that this world should have the strongest and smartest person ruling it, but today, he didn’t say this sentence. Papa seems to be scared of me, it’s really strange. Angie, thirtieth day of the month of the bright scorpion.”

“I don’t know what I should learn, or who to learn from. The things the previous teachers knew were pitifully few, so there isn’t anyone to teach me new things anymore, and no one will tell me what to do. Papa doesn’t tell me what to do either. Every day, apart from talking to mama, I am only together with them. They are still working hard to help me. I know that I am still becoming smarter, and more powerful. However, what use is there in becoming smarter? I don’t know what I should do from here on out, because it seems like everything that should be learned I already learned. What is the use of those abilities? If I have all the abilities, who would I become? I know that I would become completely different. Angie, fifteenth day of the month of the thunder scorpion.”

“Papa brought me to see the newest model of weapons that he called reapers. However, the reapers really are ugly, and they are extremely, extremely stupid. They can only do things to a certain level. Papa and those beside him called this Prophet 1.0. However, the books say that prophets were people who were smarter than other people. In that case, I should be a prophet. I said to papa that a random creature’s brain should be placed inside the reaper, and only then can it have true intelligence. It would become much smarter than its current dumb-looking self. Papa was extremely angry, and it was the first time he fiercely scolded me. I don’t know where I was wrong. Even if it was a mutated mouse, it would still be smarter than the reaper! They told me that it wasn’t that I was wrong, but instead that the people around me were too stupid, so they could not understand my intelligence. They told me that this world should belong to me. Is it really like that? In another month, I will turn ten years old. Will I have grown up by the time I turn ten? Angie, twenty-ninth day of the month of the thunder scorpion.”

“I cannot sleep at all. The books say that this is called insomnia. Why can’t I fall asleep? Is it because of papa? He is scared of me, it’s so strange. Angie, thirtieth day of the month of the thunder scorpion.”

“Only today did I find out that mama was really, really smart. I love mama. Angie, first day of the month of the blood scorpion.”

The diary stopped at this point, and the pages after that were torn out. Su closed the diary and lightly caressed the worn cover. He was absolutely terrified. 

In terms of time, the last month’s diary was the most crucial portion. It was because all abnormal changes happened on Angie’s tenth birthday. Marshal Diaster didn’t seem to be lying, because the tear marks were extremely old and not recently done. No matter how great Diaster’s abilities were, he still couldn’t have anticipated a thing that happened such a long time ago in order to tear off the pages ahead of time. If he did anticipate that this day would come, why didn’t he arrange people to ambush him to catch him? Why would he place himself in danger if he didn’t have to? You have to understand that Su hesitated for an extremely long time before he decided not to kill Diaster. During this entire process, not even Su could promise that he wouldn’t immediately change his mind and directly kill Diaster.

At this moment, a clap of thunder suddenly sounded. Then, thunder sounded again and again, as if countless heavy artillery shells were descending. It was as if the entire world was trembling in response!

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