Book 2 Chapter 7.2

Book 2 Chapter 7.2 - Weak

Su silently closed the display screen. He walked up to the unmanned plane and placed the properly packaged computer chips into the cargo hold. After receiving new orders, the unmanned plane rumbled and slowly rose. It made a few circles in the air before flying towards Dragon City. 

“Leader! There was something for you inside of the stuff we got.” Kane walked over and handed a delicate looking small aluminum alloy case to Su. When Su opened it, bullets that looked extremely unique rested on velvet padding. The bullets were labeled with ‘electromagnetic’ and ‘danger’ markings. There was also a slip of paper inside. 

Su removed the slip of paper. When he opened it, he saw a handwriting that seemed to be the same as printed font. “Special bullets for the intelligent model machines, prototype models. Helen.”

Su gently moved his...

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