Book 2 Chapter 7.1

Book 2 Chapter 7.1 - Weak

Before he reached the rendezvous point they had scheduled in advance, the tactical tablet by Su’s bosom vibrated again. He maintained his 50 kilometer an hour velocity while opening the tactical tablet. Under the assistance of long-range sensation, Su could easily speed through the rugged ruins while calmly reading the information on the tactical tablet.

The one on the screen was still Helen, and it was still the mechanical and ice-cold voice. “The analysis of the data has already been completed. Su, you were fooled. You should have killed Diaster.”

“Fooled?” Su frowned slightly and was a bit unwilling to accept Helen’s conclusion. 

“Are you still unwilling to accept it? Then let me be explain it in a bit more detail. After comparing all of the data, the chances that Diaster is lying is above 87%. If you also consider his identity as a core figure within the Scorpions of Disaster, then you 100% should have killed him.. Is that detailed enough, Lieutenant Su?” A hint of sharpness could be heard in Helen’s words. This provided her machine like voice with an innate type of improvement, but it similarly made Su unhappy.

However, Helen didn’t didn’t seem to have any intention of making Su happy and continued, “After receiving the three computer chips in your hands, it will further verify my verdict. Lieutenant Su, please remember that for your sake, do not show any mercy on the battlefield!”

Su suppressed the anger he was feeling inside and said in a deep voice, “When Diaster gave me the diary, I believe his emotions were real. As for determining whether another is lying, I have my own ways. Moreover, why are you so keen on believing that he is lying?”

“The diary could be real, but what he said could be fake as well, or at least a portion of it. As for how this conclusion was reached, I believe I do not need to explain it to you. You do not understand high level mathematics, nor do you understand the Mysterious Fields’ principles, so you won’t know what I am talking about even if I explained it to you. However, next time, I hope that you will not act so foolishly, especially on the battlefield. There will definitely be war between us and the Scorpions of Disaster, and the ending where the Scorpions of Disaster are thoroughly destroyed is inevitable. However, in order to win in this war, it falls on a premise that you will listen to my commands.” Helen adjusted her glasses, and then she focused on her work once again. Then, her image disappeared from the screen.

Su felt as if there was an enormous boulder stuck in his chest. It was heavy and indescribably uncomfortable. 

Time passed extremely quickly. When Su reached the rendezvous point, it was already almost daybreak. Right now, the sky was at its darkest. A group of off-road vehicles were parked together, and the cigarette flame that flickered between bright and dark was particularly dazzling. The one that was smoking was Li Gaolei, and he still had that casual look, unafraid of a sniper aiming at his brains within the darkness. 

Su revealed himself in the darkness. Through his senses, he already noticed that there were more than ten elite soldiers hiding in the surroundings, occupying the advantages positions around here. In addition, they brought six bronze dragons with them, so even if Blue Scorpions’ tanks came, they might not even be able to accomplish much. 

When Li Gaolei saw Su, he first cracked a grin, and then he said, “What happened, leader? Your mood seems to be a bit bad. Things didn’t go smoothly?”

Su grabbed the cigarette from Li Gaolei’s hands. He tossed it onto the ground and extinguished it, saying, “Don’t smoke at night. Do you feel like you’ve lived for too long? There are quite a few people who can blast apart your head from 1500 meters away, including me.”

Su got on the off-road vehicle and sat down on the front passenger seat. Su lowered the windshield and propped up his own rifle. Li Gaolei occupied the rear machine gun shooting position. The one that drove was Li. After she started up the off-road vehicle, Li Gaolei chuckled and said, “Leader, in the past, you would never tell us about your abilities, but it seems now that you told us one thing, and that is that you can blast apart a person’s head from 1500 meters away!”

The off-road vehicle began to rumble, and then it quickly left. During this entire trip, Su didn’t say a single word. 

Pendulum City still hadn’t been cleaned up yet, because this last batch of work still needed the instruments from headquarters before it can begin, so everyone returned to the camp first. Even though they couldn’t enter the city yet, Li still continued to lay out defensive measures around this place, and she also selected an abandoned town within the Black Dragonriders’ core region to construct a backline training base, as well as a battlefield hospital. The ones under Kane, together with Li’s remaining soldiers, added up to another two hundred or more people, a number that cannot be looked down upon. Even though human life was the least valuable in the era of turmoil, well-trained soldiers were still few in number. 

As soon as Su jumped off from the off-road vehicle, Kane came out to greet him. At this time, the sky hadn’t brightened yet. It seemed like he had been busy this entire night as well.

“Leader, headquarters has stuff for you. The fellow that is delivering the goods doesn’t seem that bad!”

Following the direction where Kane’s finger was pointing, Su saw that there was an unmanned airplane parked outside the camp. The head of a dragon was painted on the plane, which was the symbol of the Black Dragonriders. It was different from the drone of Blue Scorpion. This drone was much larger at almost three meters in length. Two jet-propelled engines were placed at the ends of the wings. The back of the drone was currently open, revealing the cargo inside. Several soldiers were carefully bringing out the four packaged boxes of goods out from inside. 

At this time, the tactical tablet vibrated again. Without even looking at it, Su intuitively knew that it was definitely Helen. When the screen lit up, sure enough, the one that appeared was Helen. When he saw her beautiful face, Su felt that this face was too pretty and a bit too refined, to the point where it seemed a bit unreal. For example, Su had never seen an individual whose eyes had the exact same veined patterns, and as for her eyebrows, regardless of whether it was their shape or angle, they were perfectly identical, to the point where the number of eyebrow hairs was the same number!

Helen adjusted her glasses as usual. Su immediately noticed that she always moved it to the same place, and the deviation was at most limited to a millimeter. Any more precise, and the display screen’s resolution wouldn’t even be able to tell. Su immediately felt a headache. He had already begun to subconsciously compare all of Helen’s expression movements, and the result of doing so was that he felt a great headache, to the point where his brain couldn’t stand this heavy burden. 

“I sent a transport plane and delivered four minesweeping instruments. This way, the cleanup of Pendulum City can happen a day earlier, and it can be completed a day earlier. However, this isn’t the main thing. I need the three computer chips of the Scorpions of Disaster as soon as possible. Lastly, cleaning up Pendulum City is just for the sake of fetching some of Roxland’s equipment, and not to let you guys obstinately defend it to your deaths. After forty-eight hours at the latest, you all must leave, and after withdrawing to the dragonriders’ central area, we will continue from there.”

Su’s face seemed to be covered in a layer of frost and he asked, “Is this an order?”

“You can understand it like that, if you don’t wish for your subordinates to pointlessly throw away their lives. Bring the computer chips to me right now. My time is extremely precious.”

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