Book 2 Chapter 7.1

Book 2 Chapter 7.1 - Weak

Before he reached the rendezvous point they had scheduled in advance, the tactical tablet by Su’s bosom vibrated again. He maintained his 50 kilometer an hour velocity while opening the tactical tablet. Under the assistance of long-range sensation, Su could easily speed through the rugged ruins while calmly reading the information on the tactical tablet.

The one on the screen was still Helen, and it was still the mechanical and ice-cold voice. “The analysis of the data has already been completed. Su, you were fooled. You should have killed Diaster.”

“Fooled?” Su frowned slightly and was a bit unwilling to accept Helen’s conclusion. 

“Are you still unwilling to accept it? Then let me be explain it in a bit more detail. After comparing all of the data, the chances that...

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