Book 2 Chapter 6.4

Book 2 Chapter 6.4 - Disaster

“I am just a prisoner, one that cannot offer you any information. What use is there in killing me? Perhaps you can look at this. It might have some value.” The marshal sighed and stood up. He brought down a notebook from the bookshelf on the side and handed it into Su’s hands. 

“This is…” Su opened the notebook and saw pages of a diary inside. The writing was quite well written, but it also carried a bit of softness and immatureness. 

“This is Pandora’s diary. Of course, it only includes up to when she turned ten. She has allowed me to hold onto it. However, I have a small wish, and that is to never have it ruined.” Diaster revealed a deeply concerned expression. 

“Why must there only be war between us?” Su asked. This question had persisted for a long time within his mind, and only now did he ask it. He never expected that the one he was asking was a marshal of the opposing side. 

“For the sake of resources, for the sake of survival, for the sake of everything and anything…” Diaster sat back on the couch and said, “What Pandora needs are puppets, and not people who can think. All captives would have computer chips inserted into their brains, and would from then on become individuals without feelings or independent will, puppets who only know how to work and serve. It is just like those you saw out there, as well as the three upstairs. From the way you guys fight, your path of development is completely different from Pandora’s, and that’s why there can only be war.”

“From your words, it sounds like I’m better off killing you.” Su wiped down the blade. 

“No, you shouldn’t kill me. Right now, I am perhaps the only person with independent will within the Scorpions of Disaster, and sometimes, Pandora will still listen to my words. If you kill me, then that means that she will completely lose the human side to her. From then on, she will act without any misgivings, be completely unpredictable, and become truly uncontrollable.”

Su stood up and said, “This reason seems to be barely passable. Right now, I need Blue Scorpion weapons, organization infrastructure, main base, as well as all other useful data.”

“You won’t be able to obtain any of those. Like I just said, I am just a prisoner. I do not have the authority to use the central intelligence brain. The Scorpions of Disaster’s main base is called Scorpion Nest, and it is established within the ruins of a large city. I can point out its position for you.”

Diaster stood up and walked to the old era map hanging from the wall. He pointed at a location on top of it and said, “This is Scorpion Nest.”

Su memorized Scorpion Nest’s location and also stood up. “You never spoke about what exactly happened on Pandora’s tenth birthday.”

Diaster’s face became pale again, and his skin continuously released sweat. It was clear that this memory was extremely unpleasant. 

“Early morning that day, Pandora ran over to tell me that all of Scorpions of Disaster’s authority had been taken over by her, and that from this day forth, a brand new era will be established in this world. There would be a new system of order, and useless humans would all be turned into puppets under the new order and from this way reproduce. Then… in front of my face, she chopped off Lani’s head. Only then did I notice that all of my abilities had unknowingly disappeared, and I was weak to the point where I was no different from an old man with one foot already in the grave. I could only watch as everything happened.”

“Then what was your original ability, and what level?” Su stared into Diaster’s eyes. As soon as the marshal’s eyes revealed the slightest worryful sign, Su would immediately kill him. 

However, the only thing Su could see from the marshal's eyes was an old man who was recalling painful memories. The hand tightly gripped on the blade quietly loosened. 

“My abilities were all in the Combat Domain. My main ability was eight levels in quick and violent attacks.” The marshal’s answer left Su extremely shocked. He didn’t understand just how powerful eight levels of an ability was, but from that bottomless strength he saw from Persephone, he could barely predict the power of an eighth level ability. 

Su suddenly reached out his hand and pressed it against the marshal’s neck. Diaster’s eyes rolled back and became unconscious. Su walked up to the second floor control room and took a look at the three young soldiers that had already collapsed on the ground. Su squatted down on one of them and lightly pounded on the young soldier’s cranial bone. His left hand that covered its face carefully sensed the responding pulse. As expected, there was an abnormal response from the rear part of the brain; it seemed like this was where the computer chip was. 

Su used the military knife to slice apart the back of his head, and when the blade was withdrawn, a computer chip the size of a kernel had already appeared on the dagger. Su made the same cut in the other two individuals, collecting both of their chips. After putting them away, he left the marshal’s residence. Perhaps in twenty minutes, the marshal would wake up. 

As for the diary the marshal gave him, Su already determined that there wouldn’t be any tracking devices in it. His current perception towards electronic signals was extremely great. If there was something like a tracking device installed inside the diary, then he definitely would have discovered it. 

Su sprinted under the cover of night towards the rendezvous point, and while doing so, he turned on the tactical tablet. While conversing with the marshal, he left the tactical tablet in passive mode, recording all sounds and various electronic signals in the surroundings. He even used the tactical tablet’s preinstalled hacking capabilities to make an attempt at breaking through Blue Scorpion’s network, but in the end, not only was he locked outside of the firewall, the automatic retaliation caused the tactical tablet’s temperature to shoot up. If Su didn’t immediately forcefully turn off the tactical tablet and cut off the link with the intelligence brain’s network, this tactical tablet might have even been destroyed.

Su sent all of the recorded information out. Several seconds later, Helen appeared on the screen, and she coldly said, “I believe you promised me that you wouldn’t enter Blue Scorpion’s advance operating base.”

Even though Helen’s attitude was harsh, it was still concern she was showing. Su laughed and said, “Now is not the time to talk about these things. You should hurry and analyze these materials to see if there is anything useful.”

Helen remained silent for a few moments, as if she was analyzing the data sent back by the tactical tablet. After a while, she raised her head and said, “There are a few interesting parts, but its quite limited. These self-proclaimed Scorpions of Disaster’s organization and their leader seem to be ignorant and egotistical. Heng, Pandora, she truly is a young lady that releases disaster. However, this disaster won’t be inflicted on others, but instead on their own heads. Choosing to make the Blood Parliament their enemy was their greatest mistake. You do not need to worry. From today on, part of my attention will be diverted to this direction. Those Scorpions of Disaster will find that I am the one that releases disaster.”

As he listened to her ice-cold, machine like voice without a trace of fluctuations, a thought that couldn’t be suppressed suddenly emerged in his head. This thought was that Helen was not only a disaster for the Scorpions of Disaster, but also a disaster for all men. 

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