Book 2 Chapter 6.3

Book 2 Chapter 6.3 - Disaster

The marshal was overwhelmed by shock when he saw Su who was sitting on the couch on the side. He had no idea how or when this uninvited guest appeared. Even though this marshal’s physical strength seemed to be a bit inferior, his reaction speed and ability to calm himself down still matched the medals covering his body. His mouth opened, and a cry was already about to leave his throat, but he immediately forcibly suppressed it. It seemed like the marshall immediately understood the difference in strength between himself and the other party, so provoking the other party might not be the most sensible thing to do.

Even though his complexion was pale, Marshal Diaster still straightened his body, putting on as dignified of a face as he could. Suppressing his voice, he said, “No matter what it is you want, I believe that we can calmly discuss it. You don’t need to worry about the three people upstairs, because they are just puppets. Without any clear orders, they won’t do anything.”

“They truly won’t do anything anymore.” Su gently caressed the dark cutting edge of the military blade. 

The marshall immediately understood what Su was implying. The fat on his cheeks continuously jumped, and the color of his lips paled to a deathly grayness. He did his best to maintain an appearance of calmness and said, “They’re just some puppets. If they were killed then so be it. It’ll just be a bit more troublesome to explain later.”

“Troublesome? You think… that there will be a chance to explain later?” Su spoke emotionlessly. 

Diaster carefully looked at Su. He was shocked to find that Su’s eye was like unmoving water without any fluctuation of emotion. No matter how he looked at it, that didn’t seem like the eye of a human. Fear suddenly emerged on his face. With a hoarse sounding throat, he said, “Were you sent by Pandora? She… she finally decided to take action against me?”

Su slightly relaxed inwardly. As long as Diaster was scared of death, then this situation was much easier to deal with. From the marshal’s age, build, habits, and way of conducting himself, the likelihood of him not being scared of death was quite low. 

Seeing Su’s slight change in mood, the marshal suddenly relaxed. His body was covered in sweat, and while gasping for breath he said, “Turns out you weren’t sent by her. That’s good then, that’s good! Let me guess, you are from the south, right? Was that reaper done in by you guys?”

Su was slightly startled. He never expected that such a slight change in mood would immediately be sensed by the marshal’s perceptiveness. His expression was still perfectly calm and collected, and the various parts of his body had entered a vigilant state. As long as the marshal made a slight suspicious movement, Su’s military knife would tear apart his throat. 

“Relax, relax, don’t be so nervous. I believe that we can properly talk this over, and anything can be discussed! Do you know that there isn’t a single person in this damn place who can speak? The only one that could chat with me had just died over there in the south.” While speaking, the marshal raised his right hand, opening his five fingers towards Su to indicate that he didn’t hold anything strange. Then, he slowly reached towards the coffee table to grab a napkin and wipe the sweat all over his face. Out of fear of Su making any sudden movements, every movement he made was extremely slow and clear. 

Su watched as the marshal put on this act of dumbness, feeling that this might also be a type of skill. 

“Answer my questions. I don’t like repeating myself.” Su said. 

The marshal spread his arms and said, “Whatever you want to know, just ask! I promise that I won’t lie and will do everything I can to satisfy your needs. However, you will soon discover that what you can obtain from me is extremely limited.”

“Who is Pandora?”

“She is my daughter, as well as the Scorpions of Disaster’s highest level of command. I believe you all are more willing to call us Blue Scorpion.” The marshal’s reply left Su somewhat shocked. 

“Pandora is your daughter?”

A bitter smile emerged on the marshal’s face. “Correct. I believe you definitely heard my conversation just now, and so you feel quite strange towards what I said. However, if I was given the chance, I will definitely fuck her ass until it explodes! Of course, if you wanted to do it, I won’t go against it. It doesn’t matter who does it, as long as her butt is fucked until it explodes.”

Su could completely feel the deep hatred within Marshal Diaster’s words. He couldn’t understand why someone would detest their own daughter to such a degree. It could practically be a hatred down to the bone. 

At this moment, Su thought of his little hands that carried that girl and the days he spent travelling through the wilderness shoulder to shoulder. He couldn’t help but smile. He then shook his head and said towards the marshal, “You’re crazy.”

He never expected that this simple sentence would suddenly cause the marshal to flip out. “You’re right! I’ve gone crazy! Became I want to fuck my own daughter! That is because I know that I won’t ever have a chance of strangling her to death myself! Do you know why she is called Pandora? Because she believes herself to be the woman that will release disaster. Do you know what age she was when she gave herself that name? Ten! She was only ten years old!”

Su sat there quietly as he watched the marshal that seemed to have entered a hysterical state. His long and slender fingers were always rubbing along edge of the military knife. His own girl had revealed her fiendish potential at the age of eight. 

The marshal’s face was deeply buried within his hands, and in a downcast tone, he said, “The very same year she changed her name, she took away all of my ability, my project, my research results, as well as my Nalanie, who was her mother. On her very birthday, she personally killed Nalanie.”

Su remained silent. It seemed like this was quite a ridiculous story, but it seemed to be true. 

The marshal finally raised his head. A deep exhaustion could be seen on his face as he said, “In reality, I am just a prisoner here. I cannot even leave this forward advancing base, nor do I have the authority to command the people and machinery here. All of this base’s command authority belongs to Pandora. It could also be said that it belongs to the central intelligence brain. However, since Pandora has the highest authority within the intelligence brain, it is the same as being under her command.”

“How old is she?” Su frowned. Unknowingly why, when the marshal continuously repeated the word Pandora, it actually began to gradually stir up great waves within his mind. This made Su feel extremely uncomfortable. 

“She’s 16. The twenty-ninth of last month was her birthday.” The marshal remembered his daughter’s birthday clearly. 

Su frowned. He then asked a rather odd question. “What is she like now? I am talking about her appearance.”

“I do not know. Since her tenth birthday, I never saw her again. Half a year ago, I was sent here to build a forward operating base and had even less of a chance of seeing her.” The marshal said. 

Su looked around the room. He then recalled the forward advancing base’s layout and coldly said, “This doesn’t look like a prison to me. Your esteemed self’s life doesn’t seem to be that bad.”

The marshal laughed bitterly and said, “This is an imprisonment of the soul. Each day, if the people you meet aren’t puppets, they are machines. No one will answer any question you ask, and apart from assigning missions, not even the machines will say an extra sentence to you! Staying in this blasted place, not even fucking women brings any comfort! They are all puppets without any feeling. They won’t cry out, won’t resist, nor will they display any unnecessary reactions. They placed me here for the sake of designing the forward advancing base, because in the end, a machine can’t be compared with a human brain.”

“Why was there a forward advancing base constructed in this direction?”

“We detected large amounts of electronic waves in the southeastern area, so there should be a large-scale human organization there. Half a year ago, we finally accumulated enough resources and war preparations to carry out a search in this direction.” The marshal spread his hands and said, “And sure enough, we met you guys.”

Su looked at the time. He then straightened his body and said while looking at the marshal. “Time is about up. Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you right now.”

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