Book 2 Chapter 6.3

Book 2 Chapter 6.3 - Disaster

The marshal was overwhelmed by shock when he saw Su who was sitting on the couch on the side. He had no idea how or when this uninvited guest appeared. Even though this marshal’s physical strength seemed to be a bit inferior, his reaction speed and ability to calm himself down still matched the medals covering his body. His mouth opened, and a cry was already about to leave his throat, but he immediately forcibly suppressed it. It seemed like the marshall immediately understood the difference in strength between himself and the other party, so provoking the other party might not be the most sensible thing to do.

Even though his complexion was pale, Marshal Diaster still straightened his body, putting on as dignified of a face as he could. Suppressing his voice, he said, “No matter what it is you want, I believe that we can...

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