Book 2 Chapter 6.2

Book 2 Chapter 6.2 - Disaster

Regardless, Su finally saw something that looked like a living human, which made him feel a bit more cheerful. He watched as this obese ‘general’ walked into one of the buildings along the edge of the base. This building didn’t seem to require any eye scans, nor did it have any other defensive measures. From its outline, there should be roughly three floors inside, with each floor being 200 square meters or so. 

Su swiftly sprinted a few steps along the garage roof. With a sudden jump, he leaped more than ten meters outwards in the darkness before silently descending on the top of another building. He then dropped down from this building, and in a swift and silent manner, he almost seemed to be sticking behind a young man as he walked with the exact same step frequency as him. This young man seemed to have realized something and turned around to take a look. The instant he turned around to look, Su flashed towards his other side and arrived at the obese general’s residence. 

Of course, the young man didn’t notice anything, so he simply continued walking. What was strange was that during this entire process, his facial expression didn’t show any change. 

Su noticed all of these things. When the young man left, his figure flashed out from behind the general’s residence and softly pulled open the metal door. After flashing inside, he slowly closed the door. 

The first floor’s layout was quite similar to a living room, with a spacious hall as soon as he entered through the door. Modern style couches were arranged, and the entire wall was a display screen. At this moment, the screen was displaying the scene of a deep ocean floor, so when one sat in this living room, they would feel as if they were resting at the ocean floor. It seemed like this ‘general’ was rather fond of enjoying himself. 

The other side of the living room was the dining area, and past that was the kitchen. Not far from the entrance were the security rooms occupied by the guards. It didn’t seem that there was even a single person on this floor. However, Su didn’t rashly proceed. His sight had already produced many different scenes, allowing him to see six criss-crossed infrared lines blocking his path. In addition, the magnetic force around the infrared lines felt a bit abnormal. Su lightly leapt up, and his entire body stuck to the ceiling. After releasing a soft exhale, his body immediately became flat, shrinking by at least five centimeters. Then, after borrowing the corners of the room, he slowly made his way past that security choke point.

When Su landed on the ground again, he heard a loud string of curses. “God dammit! They deported me to a place like this with jack shit! Haven’t you all ever thought where you all would be without this old one? Yet the place you sent me to really is good! The natives here seem awfully strong, exploding even one of the reapers! You all haven’t sent reinforcements even now, so are you asking this old one to rely on the two fucking reapers 309 and 310 to stop them? Pandora, you slut, just wait for this old one. This old one will definitely fuck your delicate ass until you explode!”

This string of curses that seemed to almost be the words of a madman sounded like the general’s own venting of anger and not a conversation with another. Su lightly jumped up, and his right hand hung from the second floor platform. Then, he slowly pulled his body up. A military knife made from composite materials already silently entered his hand. 

The second floor seemed to be where the study and office were located. He could see a large, luxuriously decorated office, and on the other side was a large room that looked to be the central control room. The front wall was completely a screen, and all types of data and images continuously flashed past. Three Blue Scorpion soldiers wearing standard blue and black military uniforms were sitting upright in front of the operating desk. There were two females and one male. Even just from the back, they seemed to be quite young and pretty. 

After releasing a wave of curses, his mood seemed to have relaxed quite a bit. The sound of a switch being clicked sounded from above, and then the general said in an extremely dignified voice, “This is Diaster, connect me to Pandora!”

A sweet and gentle female voice immediately sounded from upstairs. “I apologize, Marshal Diaster, I cannot satisfy your request. Right now, Miss Pandora has important matters to tend to and cannot speak to you.” What was strange was that this Su kept feeling that this voice was rather familiar sounding. 

“Important? What matters can be more important than the enemies I am dealing with right now?! She has important matters to deal with every single day, so when can I talk to her?!” Even though Diaster was extremely angry, he still forcefully controlled his mood so that he was still asking this question instead of shouting it. 

The gentle female voice sounded again. “I apologize, Marshal Diaster. Miss Pandora has already sent reinforcements your way and believes that with your esteemed self’s ability, that region can definitely be controlled.”

“Reinforcements? Reinforcements my ass!” Diaster finally roared out. “Three out of date reapers can be considered reinforcements? The enemy already got rid of one! Where is the Type-1 Larsen? Weren’t there two of them created already? Why weren’t they sent over? Even if that that’s not possible, even some trackers would be more powerful than these old antiques! Connect me to Pandora!”

“I apologize, Marshal Diaster. I cannot complete your request.” When the female’s voice sounded a third time, Su finally understood why the voice gave him a strange and familiar sounding feeling. Helen’s way of speaking was the same as this. If only a single sentence was heard, then it was the voice of an ice cold beauty. However, if two similar sentences were heard, one would find that the range of pitch, sound volume, and pacing of words were exactly the same, as if it was produced by a voice recorder. It gave others a rather out-of-sorts feeling. 

The female voice continued, “Your esteemed self has already been refused two times. I must remind you that Miss Pandora’s order to not be disturb has already been classified with grade A priority, and there is also a chance for it to be promoted to grade 3A priority. I ask your esteemed self to reconsider the consequences of breaking grades of priority.”

A clear pa sound rang out. It was unknown whether the marshal closed the communications system or if he decided to completely smash his end apart. Soon after, heavy footsteps sounded from upstairs. The marshal dragged his heavy body down from upstairs. 

With his arms on the edge of the second floor, Su lowered himself down. Then, with a light swaying movement, his legs pressed against the first floor’s ceiling light, and then he stuck to the ceiling. The marshal didn’t walk down to the first floor and instead walked into the second floor control room. 

Su immediately returned to his previous position of hanging from the second floor. His head extended outwards and spied on the marshal’s movements. Su didn’t feel any sense of danger from this marshal’s body, proving that he was only a normal person at the moment. Su wished to see what the marshal could do. It didn’t matter what he did, because any movement might reveal some unknown secret about Blue Scorpion. At the very least, from the marshal’s cursing and conversation, Su already learned that the mecha they defeated with great effort was called a reaper. However, it was clear that in Blue Scorpion, it couldn’t be considered something that good. 

The marshal walked behind the three young soldiers who were busy in the central control room and grabbed the hair of these three in an extremely violent and disrespectful manner, pulling their faces one after another towards his own. After casually comparing them, he patted the face of the young female soldier on the right and ordered, “Stand up.”

When the female soldier heard these words, she stood up and then bent her body forward. Her eyes were still fixed on the screen that continuously poured out information, and her hands continuously tapped on the touchscreen keyboard. 

The marshal tore off the female soldier’s pants with a few movements, and then in front of the two other soldiers, he unexpectedly began to do her right there. The other two soldiers were completely focused on the screens in front of them, as if they didn’t notice what was happening next to them at all. Meanwhile, the somewhat concentrated expression of the female soldier in front of Diaster’s body was exactly the same as her companions. Even though her body was swaying back and forth from being pounded against, she didn’t release a single groan or shout. Moreover, the thing that was most shocking was that her working speed didn’t seem to slow down in the slightest when compared to before. 

After hastily moving around for a few minutes, the marshal’s mood completely disappeared. He pulled out his thing and hatefully slapped the female soldier’s snow white bottom before cursing, “No different from statues. This old one might as well just do it himself!”

He pulled up his pants and walked down to the first floor furiously. He threw his large body onto the couch and covered his face with both hands. 

After a while, Marshal Diaster removed his hands from his face. With a voice that seemed to be a bit on edge, he said, “This can’t continue! If things continue like this, I might really fall into depression. I have to think of a way, I can definitely do it… Wait, who are you?!”

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