Book 2 Chapter 6.1

Book 2 Chapter 6.1 - Disaster

The communication device went silent. Helen seemed to be searching for Su’s current position. Only after a few seconds had passed did she say, “Let me take a look at Blue Scorpion’s forward operating base.”

Su aimed the screen at the city ahead that flickered with lights, and then he pulled it back. Helen’s hand was propping up her chin, and the fingers of her other hand were tapping on the screen. “From the amount of energy required to support this lighting, this base could probably accommodate ten thousand or so people, but they clearly don’t have that many soldiers, or else you would have directly encountered a war. However, even if the ten thousand people included researchers and logistics staff, this scale isn’t small. In other words, this direction should be where Blue Scorpion would primarily develop in from today forth. Su, I suggest that you cancel your investigation of the base. Their life detecting system is extremely advanced, so it will be extremely dangerous for you when you get closer to their base.”

“I didn’t plan on entering the base, I just wanted to get a closer look. I might have a way of dealing with their life detector system.” Su said. 

“You can deceive Blue Scorpion’s human detecting system? How are you able to do that? Oh, I forgot,...

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