Book 2 Chapter 5.2

Book 2 Chapter 5.2 - Dream

At this moment, thirty soldiers had already emerged from the camp and lined up orderly outside. Two of them helped Kane open up the boxes of equipment one after another, and handed them into the soldiers’ hands. Each soldier received a helmet, a bulletproof vest, a basic new-era assault rifle, a medical kit, a battlefield nutrient kit, as well as an infantry battlefield communication device. The most basic infantry combat system was thus made. The most expensive part was actually the communications system, and Li insisted on obtaining this, and as such, the amount of expenses for each soldier correspondingly increased by 30%.

This batch of equipment was to deal with the battles to come. Right now, Su already had a small army that was equipped with new era equipment. Even though this was the cheapest and simplest new era equipment that might not even be comparable to some of the olden-era equipment models, they now possessed the basic strength needed to fight against Blue Scorpion’s foot soldiers. 

Li and Li Gaolei both obtained a set of basic equipment. Their equipment was still far from being comparable to other dragonriders’ subordinates, and it couldn’t even be considered an entire set. It was because most of the money was used on an order of ten ‘bronze dragons’. The only thing Su replenished for himself were bullets. 

Compared to the past, the soldiers’ excitement and noise in obtaining the equipment had decreased significantly. Li had already assumed overall control over Kane’s soldiers, and the first thing she emphasized after doing so was discipline. Those fellows that dared challenge her authority became completely obedient after experiencing Li’s combat abilities. These murderous and cunning veterans never expected Li’s petite body to possess such crazy strength. Li didn’t even have to use any techniques when dealing with anyone. All she would do was send a punch flying over, and the arms that protected their faces would directly snap. Even the well-built men that were like bears directly flew out more than ten meter like a weightless scrap of paper!

After these types of events happened twice, no one dared to challenge this human-shaped mother dragon. 

The clamouring of the soldiers snapped Su out of his daze. As he watched Kane who was shouting loudly while distributing equipment, Li who was sweeping her vicious gaze over each and every soldier, and as for Li Gaolei who was smoking while leaning against the ammunition boxes, he suddenly felt as if his shoulders were a bit heavy. On his shoulders, something known as responsibility was already stacking up. 

Su knew that even though a pack of wolves was more powerful than a lone wolf, he himself didn’t really know how to fight with others. When he felt danger, Su would always distance himself from others. He would never stay in one place for too long, and it was even less likely for him to reveal his secrets to others. However, it was different now. Even though he was still in the Black Dragonriders, the danger he felt within the depths of his heart was already so strong that Su couldn’t fall asleep. Su still clenched his teeth and persisted on, showing those around him the unchanging smile day after day. 

Su didn’t know when something like the training base incident would happen again, and he did not believe that the Fabregas family would let things go. Even though Fabregas surprisingly stopped all plans against Su, the next attack would come sooner or later. The longer peace continued, the more carefully planned out and ferocious the next attack would be. 

No matter what kind of danger he faced, Su knew that he wouldn’t leave the Black Dragonriders. There was Persephone and the little girl from back then, so no matter what, he had to remain here. 

Su found a pile of ammunition boxes that were already empty and sat down. He began to look through the materials on the abilities of his own three subordinates. It was clearly written in the dragonriders’ manual that the first thing a dragonrider had to do was understand their subordinates. Only after understanding them well enough could a team truly be formed. 

Li, eighteen years old. Four levels in power, four in defense, three in dexterity, four in flexibility, two in speed, three in injury lightening. Apart from Combat Domain abilities, she also had a level of strengthened hearing in the Perception Domain. 

Li Gaolei, thirty-two years old. He was a Mental Domain ability user. He had four levels of ability in simple weapon and complex weapon proficiency, and he also had a rare level in an area control ability. Apart from this, in the Combat Domain, he had one level of ability in power, one in defense, and two in flexibility. 

After looking at these two individuals’ ability data, Su was quite surprised as well. Li and Li Gaolei’s abilities far surpassed the standard level a subordinate should possess, to the point where they were qualified to be a former dragonrider. The reason why Li was willing to be a subordinate could just barely be understood, but why was Li Gaolei also willing to become a subordinate for such a low price? From start to finish, Su never understood the answer to this question. 

Kane who had already exceeded forty years of age wasn’t particularly outstanding in any particular combat abilities, but he still reached the basic standard of a subordinate. His greatest advantage couldn’t be evaluated through numbers, and that was the experience and wisdom he accumulated over the years. Apart from this, a mid-rank moulding master’s ability was also essential to the manufacturing of non-standard equipment in the future. 

As he looked over his subordinates’ abilities, this was the first time Su felt as if he was powerful, and this feeling of power did not come from himself, and instead from the three subordinates standing behind him, as well as the close to a hundred seasoned soldiers. 

Persephone’s image suddenly flashed onto the screen, and she rudely cleared everything on his screen before enlarging her own image. Only then did she smile with self-satisfaction and say to Su, “Hey, looks like you already have a troop that isn’t half bad! However, what kind of background does that little girl Li have? What relationship does she have with you? She seems to have quite the prospects, so how did she become your subordinate? Don’t tell me that she came for your hundred yuan!”

Behind Persephone was still the battlefield filled with fling shrapnel, and various types of missiles were flying through the air at frightening speeds. Persephone was biting a pencil in her mouth, and her hands were currently busy tidying her hair. Even on this small palm sized screen, these movements still made her chest’s outline appear even more pronounced. In addition, the top two buttons of Persephone’s shirt weren’t buttoned, so from Su’s angle, a small half of the view inside the shirt could be seen. 

Su immediately had a physiological reaction, but fortunately, Helen wasn’t at his side. As long as there was Helen nearby, Persephone always dressed extremely seriously. Meanwhile, when she wasn’t there, anything could happen. 

Right when Su was getting a headache from Persephone’s question, Persephone suddenly cried out and quickly said, “I have to save the show, so we’ll talk about this matter later. However, don’t think that I’ll forget about it!”

The screen was already completely blank, yet Su felt as if he could almost smell the faint fragrance on Persephone’s body. He relaxed his body and looked into the sky while leaning against the boxes. A large portion of the anxiety and gloominess he was feeling inside had already unknowingly vanished. At this time, even the low hanging clouds that were filled with radiation didn’t feel so oppressive and instead appeared more majestic. 

“Leader, seems like your mood isn’t bad. Want one?” Li Gaolei’s voice sounded from beside Su. 

Su looked at Li Gaolei and reached out his hand. With a smile, he said, “Thanks, if it’s free.”

Li Gaolei immediately pulled back the cigarette he extended towards Su and handed Su some wrinkled cheap good. Su didn’t mind at all, and after receiving the cigarette, an extremely weak blue flame appeared between his fingertips, lighting up the cigarette in an unhurried manner. 

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