Book 2 Chapter 5.1

Book 2 Chapter 5.1 - Dream

Even though he wasn’t able to discover Blue Scorpion’s forward operating base, they still recovered Pendulum City. A small portion of the city was ruined, and most of this region’s functions were paralyzed. Roxland’s branch headquarters had been burned down deliberately, and the most unfortunate part was the loss of the biochemistry laboratory equipment and specimens. What similarly made one regretful was the loss of hundreds of researchers, skilled workers, and trained soldiers. Fortunately, the city had taken war into consideration during its construction, so their strategic facilities were scattered about. Several of the important factories were still more or less intact, and the water purifying system only needed minor maintenance before it could be used again. 

Cleaning up the anti-infantry landmines and intelligent scouting units would still take quite a bit of time, but these tasks were given to the soldiers under Kane and Li. Together with a specialized sweeper, as long as the soldiers were careful enough, they could find the things left behind by Blue Scorpion from a safe distance. Meanwhile, the dragonriders’ electronics specialist was already researching new electronic waves that could detect all of the sensory landmines within a range...

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