Book 2 Chapter 4.4

Book 2 Chapter 4.4 - Dilemma

Su quickly entered a half-squat, brought out his gun, aimed, and fired! The series of movements happened in a flash! He felt as if there was a huge rock weighing down on his heart. Then, right before he fired the shot, Su resolutely cleared his mind. Right now, in his world, there was only that mecha’s head!

Large amounts of sparks suddenly erupted from the back of the mecha’s head. Then, the electronic arcs flickered about with zi zi sounds, and the sparks and streaks of electricity covered its entire head. Its electronic eyes exploded one after another!

The mecha turned 180 degrees and looked towards Su’s direction. The armor covering its head split into two parts, revealing the third electronic eye hidden within the armor. The electronic eyes were pink, blue, and yellow, and with a strange rhythm,...

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