Book 2 Chapter 4.4

Book 2 Chapter 4.4 - Dilemma

Su quickly entered a half-squat, brought out his gun, aimed, and fired! The series of movements happened in a flash! He felt as if there was a huge rock weighing down on his heart. Then, right before he fired the shot, Su resolutely cleared his mind. Right now, in his world, there was only that mecha’s head!

Large amounts of sparks suddenly erupted from the back of the mecha’s head. Then, the electronic arcs flickered about with zi zi sounds, and the sparks and streaks of electricity covered its entire head. Its electronic eyes exploded one after another!

The mecha turned 180 degrees and looked towards Su’s direction. The armor covering its head split into two parts, revealing the third electronic eye hidden within the armor. The electronic eyes were pink, blue, and yellow, and with a strange rhythm, they continuously flickered about. At this time, its lower body had already separated from the tank body, and four collapsible machine legs were currently extending outwards in an attempt to support its body. 

Su looked at the mecha with an ice cold expression. Even though he was shocked at its speed of calculating his bullet’s trajectory, he didn’t have any intention of giving up. He once again pulled the trigger, and another round perfectly exploded at the center of the mecha’s three-part electronic eye!

This time, the mecha didn’t have any luck of advancing again. After losing its armor’s protection, the precise sensory backbone was completely revealed under the franticly flowing high-voltage stream. Sparks flew endlessly from the components, and a clear smoke rose from within. There were some areas where flames even spurted out. 

All of the mecha’s electronic eyes lost radiance, but its power core and computing backbone was clearly still useable. It was like a blind giant as it frantically ran about, using the recoilless cannon to continuously blast apart its surroundings. It didn’t know where its target was at all. 

Su turned his head and looked into the distance. Enzo’s body was like a stake as it fell from several dozen meters. When he landed, a large amount of earth erupted into the air. 

Su stood up, the rifle in his hands slowly lowering. 

With a boom sound, an artillery shell that the mecha released exploded several tens of meters behind him. The scorching heat stirred up the broken uniform on Su’s body, and it also scattered his light blonde hair. Pieces of cement, brick, earth, and stones flew past his body one after another, but Su didn’t move. 

When the earth and stone that fell like rain stopped, Su’s figure emerged once again from the smoke. However, at this time, his head was already turned and looking at the Blue Scorpion transport vehicle a kilometer away. The coldness in the depths of his left eye became heavier and heavier. Four burning wreckages were scattered in the surroundings of the transport tank that was trying its best to escape.

Su suddenly lowered the rifle and fiercely tore apart his damaged combat clothes. He tossed it on the ground, revealing his upper body that was full of power. Su’s muscles looked powerful and perfect. Previously, the only defect was that his skin was too fine and exquisite, always giving it a somewhat gentle appearance. However, right now, his body was covered in smoke and bloodstains, perfectly filling in a masculine aura. 

The muscles on Su’s body suddenly bulged at the same time, and then he frantically began to run! The path of advance he took was not straight towards the Blue Scorpion tank that had just began to flee, but instead in a slanted manner. 

Kane who was borrowing the cover of a broken wall watched with a stupefied expression as Su sped towards him with a speed of over seventy kilometers an hour. Before he could even react properly, he already collided with Su!

At that moment, Kane felt as if he had been smashed into by a loading truck, which sent his entire body flying. However, his body suddenly became light and landed softly onto the ground. Apart from a bit of dizziness, he didn’t seem to feel any other indisposed sensations. However, all of the plastic explosives on his back had disappeared.

Su didn’t cover his traces at all, and while holding a large bag of the Black Dragonriders’ special C400 explosives, he weaved and leaped about in the ruins, chasing after the Blue Scorpion transport tank at almost twice its speed!

The Blue Scorpion transport vehicle’s driver clearly already noticed the terrifying individual in pursuit, and from the way the vehicle was moving, it was clear that the driver already entered a frantic state. The tank had long pushed the vehicle’s horsepower to its max, to the point where it no longer tried to avoid the unfavorable terrain it was crossing. When a rugged zone appeared in front of its path, the heavy vehicle directly flew upwards and almost flipped over. Meanwhile, the gun turret directly spun around, and both the cannon and machine gun frantically roared, doing everything they could to bring down a hail of bullets onto Su who was closing in at an inhuman speed!

Su’s green pupil had long shrunk to its limit, and at the very depths of Su’s pupils emerged a hexagram. As soon as the cannonhead aimed at his body, Su would shift sideways with inhuman speed and avoid the hail of bullets. During the most dangerous time, the string of machine gun bullets even drew out a streak of blood past his shoulder!

300 meters, 100 meters, 50 meters… the distance between Su and the tank was quickly closed. Eventually, he only had to slightly move sideways to dodge a bullet that was flying directly at him!

Su suddenly erupted with strength, leaping ten meters with a single jump onto the transport tank! His right hand was supported by the boiling hot cannonhead, and the his left hand directly pressed the C400 that weighed more than five kilograms onto the area where the gun turret and vehicle connected. In that instant, he activated the four second detonation timer, and then his two feet stepped onto the tank’s body, allowing his body to soar out more than twenty meters diagonally. Following a roll, he steadied himself on the ground in a half squatting position and raised his arms to his head. 

What happened afterwards, was a world-shaking explosion. 

The transport tank’s gun turret flew high into the air. It was actually blown several meters outwards! The body of the tank had already completely deformed, and only after tumbling about several times did it stop. Then, ferocious flames spewed out from the cracks!

Su lowered his arms that were badly mangled and slowly stood up. As he watched the burning tank wreckage, the fury in his mind was finally vented a bit. However, after venting a bit, he felt a bit at a loss. An unnatural paleness fluttered past his face, and the radiance within the depths of his eyes flickered between bright and dark. This crazy attack had already drained too much of Su’s physical strength; he had already reached his limit. 

At this moment, Su didn’t notice that the mecha that should have entered a hysterical state suddenly released five electronic eyes on the body of the recoilless cannon. The cannonhead quietly turned and pointed at him. 

The sky suddenly released a strange muffled roar. The enormous ‘Death Prison’ flickered with bloody radiance, seemingly sticking to the ground as it spun past. When it was several meters from the mecha, ‘Death Prison’ suddenly rose, directly slicing through the mecha’s body in a diagonal manner. Then, it directly rushed into the sky, flying back towards the several thousand meter origin and landing in the hands of the one wearing the dark black sinister-looking armor. 

Half the mecha’s body slid down in a diagonal manner. The cut was as flat and smooth as a mirror. The recoilless cannon was also sliced in half, and the artillery shell that was about to be fired suddenly exploded, blasting the remaining half of the cannonhead into the distance. 

“Really, you…” She softly sighed. While carrying the enormous Death Prison sword, she turned around to leave. 

When Su suddenly turned around, he only had time to see bit of silver radiance that had not yet disappeared in the distance, as if it was one of the myriad of stars that had long distanced itself from this era. 

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