Book 2 Chapter 4.3

Book 2 Chapter 4.3 - Dilemma

“These scorpions’ luck seems to be a bit too good.” A hint of worry crept up within Enzo’s mind. If the bronze dragon got hit by a few more bullets, then it might not be able to endure it anymore. The bronze dragon only needed another second to turn the tank into a ball of flame. 

When there was only a hundred meters left between the bronze dragon and the tank, the tank that was making evasive maneuvers suddenly shook. Enzo’s crosshair suddenly deviated from the tank’s cannon!

“Fucking terrible luck!” Enzo roared angrily inwardly. He could only watch as the bronze dragon landed on the lower part of the main battle tank, which was also the place where the armor plating was the thickest. 

The main battle tank suddenly jolted and almost flipped over. The armor in front of the canon flew everywhere, and the main cannon’s barrel twisted upwards from the explosive force, becoming almost unusable. The front section of the gun turret also bent up slightly, and a clear crack appeared between itself and the vehicle. If the explosive force was just a bit greater, then the turret might have left the tank’s body. However, right now, the turret had clearly been blown to scraps, and things definitely couldn’t have gone well for the gunner inside. 

However, the Blue Scorpion’s main battle tank only remained still for a few seconds before trembling and starting up again. It then turned around and fled frantically, stirring up dust and waves of thick smoke. It could actually still maintain a speed greater than forty kilometers an hour! While shocked at defensive strength of the Blue Scorpion tank, he once again hatefully cursed today’s luck. 

Su bent down at his waist, and like a night cat, he quickly and silently made his way through the ruins. Right now, Blue Scorpion still had two tanks, while Enzo had one bronze dragon leftover. He needed to find a way to cut off Blue Scorpion’s main battle tank or follow it to see where exactly Blue Scorpion’s headquarters was. After seeing the bronze dragon’s strength, he didn’t doubt that Enzo could get rid of one of the two tanks. If there was just a single one left, Li and Kane should be able to deal with that, because they still had many olden-era anti-tank weapons, as well as some new-era things that had enough power. 

The speed of Blue Scorpion’s main battle tank was only forty kilometers an hour or so, so it wasn’t that difficult for Su to follow it. However, when Su passed by the mecha’s ruins, he suddenly heard a faint electronic sound. These di di da da noises were sounds Su had heard before. Once was on N958’s main control computer, and the other time was Helen’s laboratory’s intelligent engine. From a certain perspective, these sounds could be considered the intelligent computer’s way of speaking. However, just like what Enzo said before, all of the so-called artificial intelligence were fake intelligence. Once its powerful calculation and logical analysis systems were excluded, there wasn’t much independent capabilities. It was still far from a true human’s brain. 

These di da sounds that lacked origins made Su’s mind twitch again and again, and it felt as if there was a powerful force trying to stop his footsteps. Su estimated the distance between himself and the main battle tank, and then he slowed down his footsteps to look around, searching for the source of the electronic sounds that suddenly sounded. Unlike Enzo, for Su, these Blue Scorpion intelligent weapons gave him a huge headache. He didn’t want to be detected by some scouting unit and then bring about an attack onto himself. In the Black Dragonrider course, Su learned a phrase, which was barrage. He did not want to use his own body to learn what this word meant. 

After being blasted by the tank last time, Su became more alert towards the Blue Scorpion’s craziness and luck. Just now, Su was able to see the scene of Enzo using the bronze dragon to attack the main battle tank. As for why the main battle tank was able to escape disaster, luck was definitely a crucial part of the reasoning. 

He found it hard to understand where Blue Scorpion’s luck came from. This seemed like it couldn’t be brushed aside as simply good luck, and it didn’t seem like Su’s foundational luck from the Mysterious Fields. 

While looking around, Su removed the rifle’s magazine and inserted two bullets with dark blue warheads into the magazine before pressing it back into the rifle. When these two bullets hit their target, it would immediately release a high voltage stream and also release large amounts of electromagnetic waves. It was a bullet used specifically for dealing with various electronic targets. Due to the price being excessively high, Su only brought two rounds with him. 

A wave of pain suddenly emerged within Su’s consciousness. The outlines of all scenery in front of him became somewhat indistinct; the void world reappeared. 

However, the void world in front of him didn’t seem any different from the real world. Su had an intuitive feeling that as long as the void world emerged, there would definitely be something different for him to see. However, the scenery in front of him didn’t change, which means he didn’t find the correct place. 

Even though Enzo didn’t know Su’s current location, he knew that Su was chasing after the damaged main battle tank. While fighting bravely shoulder to shoulder, Enzo developed a strange sense of confidence towards Su, and he believed that Su would definitely get rid of that damaged tank. Of course, there was a higher likelihood that Su would follow it until he ultimately found Blue Scorpion’s base of operations. Enzo straightened his beaten body, and after aiming at a soldier transporting tank, he pressed on the trigger. He did not believe that Blue Scorpion would have such great luck again. 

The bronze dragon dragged out a seemingly invisible trajectory, and like lightning, it shot towards the soldier transporting tank. 

Su’s entire body relaxed. He straightened his body, and his left eye slightly narrowed as he swept his vision over the battlefield. He looked relaxed, but as soon as the slightest disturbance emerged in his surroundings, Su would display what true lightning-like reflexes were. 

Even though they were separated by a great distance, Su could still see Enzo. The Black Dragonrider lieutenant stood at the top of a roof, his body standing tall like a mountain. After firing three bronze dragons in succession, the Blue Scorpion detected the lieutenant through the trajectory. The cannons of the two soldier transporting tanks immediately changed directions before continuously bombarding towards the lieutenant. However, this range seemed to exceed the tank cannons’ effective range, so the accuracy of the Blue Scorpion troop was greatly reduced. Artillery shells continuously exploded at Enzo’s side, but he remained unmoving, focused on guiding the bringer of death to the Blue Scorpion tanks. 

Su suddenly felt a wave of bone-penetrating chilliness! Just as the void world was about to disappear, he finally found where the two worlds were different. In the real world, Enzo was standing at the top of the roof, guiding the bronze dragon towards the Blue Scorpion tanks, while in the void world, Enzo and the house beneath him were completely gone!

“Enzo! Hurry up and get out of the way!” Su shouted out loudly almost instantly. 

Enzo was startled, but there wasn’t anything that could threaten his life in his field of view. Blue Scorpion’s tank was still three kilometers away, and if he was struck by the artillery shells, then it could only be said that his luck was too terrible. In addition, the ‘bronze dragon’ bullet was less than a kilometer away. A thousand meters, for the accelerating ‘bronze dragon’ guided missile was just three seconds of time. 

As long as it was within three seconds, it would be fine; this was what Enzo thought. He stood where he was and didn’t move. 

“Enzo!” Su once again roared outwards. 

Enzo’s concentration barely managed to hold out as he guided the bronze dragon through the last 500 meters. After seeing the previous missile that was aimed at the main battle tank deviate, Enzo didn’t dare to act carelessly. The soldier transporting vehicle should be less armored than a main battle tank; this was common sense. The problem was, could Blue Scorpion be evaluated through common sense? If he couldn’t get rid of this soldier-transporting vehicle, Enzo wasn’t confident that Su and his subordinates could get rid of two tanks. 

Enzo did not notice that the caterpillar track mecha’s recoilless cannon suddenly lowered a few centimeters. The laser that was released from the cannonhead already lit up the house below him. 

The two enormous sounds rang out at almost the same time! Blue Scorpion’s soldier transporting tank turned into a ball of flame, and the house below Enzo’s feet immediately turned into a rubble. The lieutenant himself was immediately blasted several dozen meters into the air!

Within the wreckage, the caterpillar track mecha slowly got up. Out of its eight electronic eyes, only four were still flickering. The recoilless cannon on its left arm moved backwards, and then it returned to its original position. The laser that it used was aimed at and illuminated the area the lieutenant was going to fall onto!

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