Book 2 Chapter 4.2

Book 2 Chapter 4.2 - Dilemma

The meticulous sounds of machinery operating suddenly sounded. It was full of mechanical strain, and then the mecha’s chest armor suddenly opened to two sides, revealing the two rapid-fire machine-gun cannons hidden within. Then, the rapid-fire machine-gun cannons released two astonishingly bright flames. The stream of bullets surpassed 6000 rounds per minute as they slammed into the snail-like guided missile! The accuracy of the mecha’s rapid-fire cannon was unexpectedly high, and almost as soon as the cannon released fire, the guided missile exploded in the sky!

The guided missile wasn’t large, and its entire length was about half a meter. However, when it exploded, the brightness and noise that was revealed was definitely unexpected. This small thing could actually form an enormous sphere of flame over ten meters in size! The surging flames and powerful light immediately formed a blinding expanse of whiteness in front of the Blue Scorpion soldiers that were hurrying over! Even though their observational devices contained powerful light protection capabilities, due to not being able to immediately turn on any other modes in time, the soldiers in the tanks also became blind. 

When the guided missile exploded, there were large amounts of electromagnetic waves produced as well. The mecha’s electronic eyes continuously flickered with brilliance, and the frequency at which it flickered was at a crazy speed. It was clear that it entered a rather confused state. 

“Su! Now is the time!” Enzo’s loud roar sounded within Su’s earpiece. He had long aimed at the drone in the sky, and the tactical lens had already been added to the gun’s back. It had also connected with the tactical tablet in Enzo’s hands, and the mode of fire had already been adjusted. That was why even though the interference missile that Enzo shot into the sky seemed to have changed into a dead zone, there was still a pure blue outline in Su’s electronic scope. 

Even though the laser used to assess the distance had long lost efficacy, Su could still sense the distance between himself and the drone. Countless pieces of data converged within Su’s consciousness, and then it scattered to various parts of his body. The muzzle in Su’s hands slightly raised, and then a stream of fiery light was released. Almost the second the bullet left the barrel, Su had a feeling that today, his luck truly wasn’t bad. 

Almost at the same time the drone in the sky exploded, a grayish green guided missile was released from Enzo’s position. There was only a weak-looking blue flame at its end, yet its flight was inconceivably fast. The two kilometers of distance seemed to have been reached in a flash. This was the true ‘bronze dragon’ guided missile!

The caterpillar mecha’s electronic eyes suddenly flickered about before locking onto the incoming missile. The rapid-fire cannon in its chest quickly adjusted its firing angle. However, the speed of the ‘bronze dragon’ was just too fast, so before the rapid-fire cannon had time to adjust, the guided missile already entered the mecha’s chest armor!

The caterpillar mecha’s chest immediately released a lump of blazing ball of flame, seemingly the same size as the interference missile! The front half of the mecha seemed to instantly vanish, and the enormous body was actually blasted a meter into the air. Then, after losing balance, it landed on the ground while facing the sky!

Components flew everywhere in the sky, and most of them were the remains of the two rapid-fire cannons. The two pieces of chest armor were also exceptionally eye-catching. 

The caterpillar track mecha’s ruined body continuously erupted with electric sparks. The multi-barreled machine-gun cannon had already gone missing, and only half an arm was brandishing about in a futile manner. 

Su never expected the ‘bronze dragon’ guided missile’s power to be that great, nor did he think that the Blue Scorpion’s war mecha would be so weak. Of course, Enzo’s precise skills couldn’t be ignored in this accomplishment. Su reckoned that if the bullet wasn’t shot into the inside of the caterpillar track mecha, then it might take two or three bronze dragons to deal with this terrifying fellow. 

When they saw the bronze dragon’s first showing, a few soldiers that were hiding in the darkness released cheers. Right now, Blue Scorpion’s tanks already didn’t seem so hard to deal with. These fighters that had only come into contact with new-era equipment for less than two days now truly understood the might of new-era weapons. 

Under the excitement of the soldiers, two ‘bronze dragons’ were released one after another towards the Blue Scorpion tanks. Two light gray trails appeared in the air, as if they were comets streaking across the atmosphere. Only their leftover images could be seen, not their true body. 

“Damn it! Shoot the command vehicle and main tank first!” Enzo roared through the channel. However, his shouting was completely useless, because the two long-range backup shooters only had a single missile. There were only three bronze dragons left, and right now, they were all on Enzo’s back. 

Unknown as whether it was due to nervousness or being too excited, the two bronze dragons that the soldiers shot out were aimed at the same armored transport vehicle. The first one drilled through the side of the transport vehicle and made the roof of the vehicle fly a hundred meters into the sky, and from the opening that was created, flames rushed ten meters into the sky. The second bronze dragon followed closely and directly rushed into the ball of flame that was burning through the remaining steel, doubling the size of the dazzling flames. 

Despite Enzo’s furious roars, cheering sounded from the communications channel. This time, the main force of the battle were Kane’s soldiers, and even though their individual fighting strength was great, they were far less disciplined than Li’s soldiers and far less than a dragonrider’s subordinates. 

“Second Lieutenant Su, you need to better control those under your subordinates!” While roaring into the communications channel, Enzo leapt onto the roof of a two-story building. The ‘bronze dragon’ propped up on his shoulder. A pair of dark green goggles with flowing lines rested on his eyes, clearly also new-era equipment. 

Enzo quickly locked in on his target and then pressed down on the trigger. The end of the ‘bronze dragon’ released a faint blue flame. It left its firing rack and then sped towards the Blue Scorpion’s command vehicle with inconceivable speed. 

The four kilometer distance for the ‘bronze dragon’ was just a matter of ten seconds. In front of it, any armored target’s speed became as slow as snails without any ability to dodge. Enzo stood on the roof, and through the goggles, he locked onto the Blue Scorpion command vehicle and began to guide the missile, continuously fine-tuning its trajectory. 

Ten seconds later, a dazzling sphere of flame rose into the air, and the Blue Scorpion’s command vehicle became another victim of the ‘bronze dragon’. 

Enzo’s hand that held the trigger moved a few times to stretch his joints. Right now, his face was drenched in sweat. Taking the initiative to guide the bronze missiles required him to fully display his fifth level complex weapon controlling ability, and continuously guiding two missiles already exhausted most of his body’s energy. However, in spite of his fatigue, Enzo placed another bronze dragon onto its firing rack. After adjusting the protective aiming lens, he locked onto the Blue Scorpion main battle tank. Only after getting rid of this fellow would victory be in sight. Even though that freak Su was able to get rid of the circling drone 1500 meters away, a sniper alone would never be able to defeat a main battle tank’s armor. 

The end of a ‘bronze dragon’ once again released a faint tail of flame. Enzo felt his shoulder tremble slightly, and he immediately focused all of his attention, staring fixedly at the main battle tank that was currently turning its body in front of him. He continuously examined the tank’s outer composition in his brain and searched for its weak point. The front sight in the goggles continuously followed the tank’s movements to look for potential weak points as it moved about. When the ‘bronze dragon’ closed in on the tank, it was important to have already considered where the ‘bronze dragon’ would strike. The closer it reached to its target, the less maneuverability the bronze dragon had. As such, deciding ahead of time was crucial. 

Guiding a missile was something anyone could do, but those that had strengthened complex weapon mastery could guide the bullets into attacking the weak points of its target. It was rumored that those that advanced this ability to the seventh level could drive this ‘bronze dragon’ into the cannonhead of a tank while making evasive maneuvers. In addition, if high level ability users paired this together with higher levels of perception ability, they could easily blast down a fighter aircraft from the sky with missiles that didn’t even have warheads. This wasn’t all that difficult to accomplish, because as long as the missile landed in the cockpit or the engine jet pipe, then it would be enough. 

When the same weapons were in the hands of individuals with weapon specialized abilities, the level of effect would differ based on their level of ability. The amplification of strength could range from ten percent to ten times greater. 

However, at the final moment of guiding the missile, Enzo’s brain frequency and processing intensity increased to several times that of normal, so he needed to expend large amounts of energy, which caused him great fatigue. With only one level of strengthened ability, he could currently only fire four bronze dragons at most. 

The main battle tank clearly noticed the emissary of death that was flying to them. It maneuvered left and right while adjusting its cannon. It released large amounts of intense radiation fumes, as well as two small rockets. The rockets weren’t anti-personnel weapons, and their firing range was extremely short. Almost as soon as it left the tank, it exploded on its own, forming a huge ball of flame in the sky that was accompanied with electromagnetic interference. It seemed like this little gadget’s use was quite similar to the Black Dragonriders’ interference missile. 

However, the one that was aiming the missile was Enzo and not some machine, so this type of disturbance was useless against Enzo. The center of the scopes’ crosshair still firmly aimed at the top of the tank’s cannon. 

Blue Scorpion’s rapid-fire machine gun roared, releasing a concentrated barrage at the bronze dragon. Enzo felt as if his own consciousness had been pierced by several needles; he knew that the ‘bronze dragon’ had been struck by the rapid-fire machine gun’s hail of bullets. Fortunately, the Black Dragonriders’ level of technology definitely surpassed that of the olden era greatly. As such, the lightweight alloy shell of the bronze dragon warhead was not something an ordinary machine gun’s bullets could destroy. 

However, the bronze dragon was so small, and it was travelling at such a fast speed, so how could it have been struck by the rapid-fire machine gun? Moreover so many times?

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