Book 2 Chapter 3.6

Book 2 Chapter 3.6 - Soldier

“What type of unusual characteristics do you think the Blue Scorpions possess?” Su asked. 

“They were either disciplined strictly, or they do not have any genitals like gelded warhorses, tools purely used for war. I am personally leaning towards the latter.” After speaking, Enzo’s face became even more downcast. 

Su silently nodded. A portion of Enzo’s words validated the scenes shown through the void world, but he still wasn’t willing to admit that everything that happened in the void world was reality, a type of reality that he currently didn’t have any explanations for. 

“Let’s take a look up there.” Su pointed towards a five floor apartment building on the other side and said, “We have to be careful. At the rooftop, we should be able to see Blue Scorpion’s current camp.”

Su ran up and passed through the wide street in a fast and nimble manner. Then, as if he was a gecko without any weight, he crawled straight...

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