Book 2 Chapter 3.5

Book 2 Chapter 3.5 - Soldier

An off-road vehicle drove over. The one that was driving was Su, and the one in the front passenger seat was Li Gaolei. What was rather striking was that the trunk was stuffed with guns and ammunition. The off-road vehicle was like a runaway horse as it rushed over, and those that saw it couldn’t help but worry whether the intense shaking of the trunk would cause the ammunition to explode. 

As soon as Li and Li Gaolei hurried over, they joined the tactical discussion. Enzo’s tactical tablet showed Pendulum City’s terrain, and Su, Kane, Enzo, Li, and Li Gaolei formed a circle around it to talk about their plan. Based on what Li Gaolei said, this time, the Blue Scorpion’s attack comprised of six tanks of various models, as well as a hundred soldiers. It was unknown whether they still had further assistance coming. Meanwhile, on Su’s side, apart from two dragonriders and three subordinates, there were only twenty soldiers who had just learned how to use the new era weapons. If they were to talk...

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