Book 2 Chapter 3.4

Book 2 Chapter 3.4 - Soldier

The muzzle of Su’s gun released a blast of fire, causing flames to fly out from the sides and back. After making contact with concrete ot the ground, it then bounced back up. The flames fiercely swept past Su’s left hand that held held the trigger, yet it could not leave behind the slightest mark on his exquisite skin. 

A bullet flew out from the muzzle, every single engraving on its surface releasing light. The light wasn’t particularly blinding, but it consistently removed the air resistance around it, allowing the bullet’s flight to be more ruthless and unhindered. 

The bullet landed on the off-road vehicle’s armor. Under the tremendous momentum, the armor was blasted open, and at the same time, the outer shell began to deform. Soon after, the scorching metal stream and heavy sharp bullet core continued to penetrate through, breaking through the final layer of thin armor before finally...

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