Book 2 Chapter 3.2

Book 2 Chapter 3.2 - Soldier

Su sat in the front of a truck, his eyes closed in rest. Propped on the roof of the driving cabin was a heavy machine gun, and a soldier was currently vigilantly watching the surroundings. In fact, he was a bit too nervous, because this was inside the Black Dragonriders’ zone of control, and in the rear car was a Black Dragonrider lieutenant. Even though Enzo didn’t display any extraordinary skills, his lieutenant rank explained quite a bit. 

On this trip that wasn’t particularly long, Su strangely sank into a state of sleep and even began to dream. The dream this time was no longer of an unchanging green sea, and instead a burning city!

There was fire everywhere in the city. Some of the fire was real, and some were projections of dark flames....

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