Book 2 Chapter 21.6

Book 2 Chapter 21.6 - Can You Hear My Heart Beating?

Perhaps to curry favor with Piccolo who had just revealed the tip of the iceberg in terms of the power he controlled right now, a robust black man stretched out his body a bit before saying sinisterly, “Girl, I don’t care what kind of black saint or whatever you are. Since you came here, why don’t you let us properly ride you for a few days! Maybe I can first fuck you in the…”

“Shut up!” 

After shouting at the black man, the silver haired elder looked towards Madeline, and with a sigh, he said, “If you had stayed in the Town of Trials, inside of your home field, no one would be able to do anything to you. Why did you decide to leave?”

Madeline continued to laugh and say, “Because your plans did not leave me with a choice, so I could only come here to kill you.”

The old man roared with laughter and said, “Madeline, this joke...

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