Book 2 Chapter 21.6

Book 2 Chapter 21.6 - Can You Hear My Heart Beating?

Perhaps to curry favor with Piccolo who had just revealed the tip of the iceberg in terms of the power he controlled right now, a robust black man stretched out his body a bit before saying sinisterly, “Girl, I don’t care what kind of black saint or whatever you are. Since you came here, why don’t you let us properly ride you for a few days! Maybe I can first fuck you in the…”

“Shut up!” 

After shouting at the black man, the silver haired elder looked towards Madeline, and with a sigh, he said, “If you had stayed in the Town of Trials, inside of your home field, no one would be able to do anything to you. Why did you decide to leave?”

Madeline continued to laugh and say, “Because your plans did not leave me with a choice, so I could only come here to kill you.”

The old man roared with laughter and said, “Madeline, this joke of yours isn’t funny at all! Apart from your sudden appearance, apart from me, my home field, there are still many special guests! For example…”

“For example, Sir Jargola?” Madeline finished in the old man’s place. 

The old man’s eyes suddenly became sharp. “He died?”

Madeline’s gaze finally landed on the old man’s body. She didn’t answer his question and instead looked at the guests in this hall before saying, “Piccolo, I know that you have been gathering strength this entire time during these past two years, preparing the power to seize the Town of Trials so that you could stand on even ground with the empress. Unfortunately, the greatest mistake you made was giving me two years of time. Meanwhile, time will always be on my side.”

Piccolo’s penetrating gaze became bleak like the glow of the setting sun; this was a sign of him preparing his abilities. He sneered and said, “Even if you kill me, will you be able to walk out from here?”

Madeline shook her head. With a dreamy smile that seemed vague and indistinct, she softly said, “You made another mistake, and that is that I do not feel any fear. The only reason I came here was to take you down with me…”

Piccolo’s expression finally changed. He couldn’t help but take steps backwards, all the way until he backed up into the corridor. Meanwhile, Madeline walked towards him, following Piccolo into the long and narrow corridor. She even turned her hand to close the door that led to the banqueting hall. 

All of her movements were clear, fluid, and natural. The guests could see every movement she made clearly, and they clearly remembered them. However, no one showed any reactions, nor did they have the chance to do anything! It was because Madeline and Piccolo’s speed had already far surpassed the limit of their understanding. As a result, no one had the ability to react, but for some reason, they could clearly see and remember all of the movements these two giants of the Trials Division made.

The hearts of the guests seemed to have stopped beating. Their throats felt like they were as dry as a desert, and just breathing felt like an extravagant task. They gazed towards the tightly closed door, yet none of them had the courage to walk over and pull it open. 

Fragmented and complex sounds continuously sounded from behind the gate. It was simply impossible for them to differentiate the sound, and even the individual with the highest level of perception abilities could only make out several hundred sounds with difficulty. However, there were still endless soundwaves to differentiate through!

What came after was blood!

Endless blood poured out crazily from the door gaps! When it splashed onto the face and body of the woman closest to the door, she stood there in a stupefied manner, losing the courage to even move. 

How could there be that much blood? And whose blood was it?!

It was as if what rested behind this door was a river of blood, and what blocked it was just a thin and frail door. 

The door opened. 

The one that walked out was Madeline. She continued to carry a sweet smile, only now, her gray hair no longer fluttered about, and a deep bloody scar appeared on her face. Her sinister armor was incredibly tattered, looking like a pile of scrap metal as it hung from her body. Only a meter was left of Death Prison as well. Her left hand was hanging limply from her body, and the armor covering her hand was missing. Blood continuously dripped out from her snow white fingers. 

After just a second had passed, Madeline walked out from the endless blood. It was unknown whether that was her blood, or if it was Piccolo’s blood. 

She was clearly heavily injured, yet not a single one of the hall’s vicious and fierce guests dared to attack her! Madeline laughed softly, and her lips that were slightly opened immediately released a lump of faint red mist. With a voice that was just as gentle as before, she said, “Tonight, all life will end here, because I, Madeline, will fall together with all of you.”

Madeline didn’t move, and neither did the guests here. It was because even though not much time had passed, Death Prison’s edge was already trickling with blood!

A hysterical scream tore through the peace of the ancient castle. It was unknown who released this sound before their death. 

In front of Sunset Castle’s main entrance, the corpses of two male servants had just fallen, their hands and feet still twitching. Peperus sat on the ground while forcefully tearing at her own short red hair and releasing heart ripping cries. 

A part of dark black military boots appeared in her line of sight, only, the boots were dyed in viscous blood, as if they had just walked through a pool of blood. 

The one standing in front of Peperus was Madeline. With a wave of her hand, she tossed Piccolo’s head towards Peperus before saying indifferently, “From today forth, he’s yours.”

Peperus held Piccolo’s heads that was still warm. She then cried out bitterly with everything she had!

Madeline stopped for a few seconds in her original spot. She sighed and softly said, “I wasn’t scared of dying, so I didn’t end up dying immediately.” After speaking, she walked towards the darkness. When she started moving, her figure merged with the darkness of night. Only the gorge created by Death Prison drew out her path of departure. 

Peperus cried for a bit longer, and then she suddenly stopped. She gave Piccolo’s lips a deep kiss, and then with a jump, she chased after Madeline into the distance. 

Sunset Castle continued to shine with faint light, yet at this moment, it had already sunken into a deathly stillness. 

The night was extremely long. 

The Town of Trials was similarly quiet. The center of the church had already been tightly sealed. 

Madeline stood at the center of the church. She removed the heavy armor, battle clothes, and underwear one piece after another. Eventually, she stood completely naked at the center of the church. 

Sticking to her chest that was almost blindingly white stuck an old-fashioned piece of paper. The paper wasn’t large, only a few centimeters in size. 

The steel chair Madeline sat in all year round had already been moved to the side. At the center of the praying platform rose a similarly dark black coffin. The four stone pillars inside the church each had a copper dragon head sticking out from them, and the mouths of these dragon heads all aimed towards the open coffin. 

Madeline didn’t look into the coffin. Instead, she removed the piece of paper sticking to her chest and brought it up to her eyes. 

Through the dim lighting, one could see that a simple yet lifelike sketch was made on that piece of paper. Even though it had already become a bit blurry due to the passage of time, one could still make out a youth with bandages wrapped around his entire body and a little girl with long hair fluttering about. The picture was of these two people’s backs, with the young man holding the little girl’s hands as they stood in the boundless wilderness. In this land full of hopelessness and despair, they looked extremely insignificant and helpless. 

In front of them, a town could vaguely be seen. It was precisely that day when she followed him into Yorktown. During these seven years, this drawing had always been placed right there, beating together with her heart. 

Madeline entered the coffin. She laid down while facing upwards, crossing her arms in front of her chest. In her hands was that drawing she had preserved for all those years. 

The four dragonheads suddenly began to shake. They simultaneously sprayed out thick streams of blood into the coffin, quickly covering Madeline’s body, face, and the sketch that resonated with her heart. Then, the coffin’s cover closed on its own, locking itself in place. The heavy coffin slowly carried Madeline down into the ground. 

Thus forever returning to darkness.

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