Book 2 Chapter 21.3

Book 2 Chapter 21.3 - Can You Hear My Heart Beating?

During the ice cold winter, once four in the afternoon arrived, twilight would crawl through the great earth. On a quiet and secluded slope grew large amounts of bushes and shrubs. Under the gradually thickening darkness of night, the verdant and lush shrubbery began to emit a weak green glow. The light wasn’t particularly strong, but due to the large amount, the entire hillside was illuminated, and even the valley was surrounded within this faint and mysterious radiance. 

At the foot of the mountain rested an ancient castle. The vines crawling through the tattered walls were also emitting a green light. However, this green radiance didn’t bring about a feeling of comfort, and when it contrasted with the lights that seeped out from various places within the castle, it insteads brought about a strange chilly feeling. These traits made them look more like the rumored cold, moist cemetery creatures that were also full of strangeness and unknown things. 

Fortunately, the castle tonight wasn’t like how it usually was in the past with just a few lights turned on. It was instead brightly lit, and melodious...

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