Book 2 Chapter 21.2

Book 2 Chapter 21.2 - Can You Hear My Heart Beating?

Madeline placed the mask on the chair’s armrest and then slowly sat down. “Pepe, how old are you now?”

This was quite an abrupt question, leaving Peperus a bit stunned. Wasn’t all of her information recorded in the files? With the highest level of authority in the Trials Division’s computer system ‘lightshadow’, there was no way Madeline didn’t have access to this information. However, since she asked, Peperus obediently replied, “24.”

“How did you spend your childhood?” Madeline asked her another question. From her tone of speaking, it was as if she was chatting with an intimate childhood friend. 

However, what Peperus felt was naturally a different story. She...

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