Book 2 Chapter 20.2

Book 2 Chapter 20.2 - A Mountain Between

The sky hadn’t brightened yet, but it was already close to the end of the night. 

The continuous mountains of the north stretched extensively, spanning over three hundred kilometers from the east to west. In the olden era, this type of distance was simply uncrossable without the support of vehicles for normal people, but in the new era, the human genome was continuously collapsed and reconstructed. For individuals who strengthened their speed and physical strength, this type of distance was not a problem at all. The true danger came from the countless mutated creatures that might be hiding within the mountains. 

Humans of the age of turmoil were entirely different from those of the olden era in terms of ability. The inhuman characters depicted in cartoons, could already be found everywhere in this new era of turmoil. If these ability users were to return to the olden era, they would perhaps become either superheroes or fiends, but they would definitely not be normal people. 

What was a bit ironic was that despite the fact that the abilities of humans were increasing, the vast mountains, primitive jungles, and even lakes and boundless...

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