Book 2 Chapter 20.1

Book 2 Chapter 20.1 - A Mountain Between

The first blockade line that was torn apart like rotten weeds created a huge splash, as if it was a large rock that was tossed into a calm lake. However, when the waters completely devoured this large rock, everything became peaceful again. The world before Persephone became open and clear, with all of the enemies that were hiding in the darkness gone without a trace. 

Persephone only brought six subordinates with her and only carried the most essential equipment before heading into the depths of the mountain range. The remaining subordinates, vehicles, and equipment were left in a temporary base left where they had stopped, waiting for Persephone’s return. 

Renfell, who received quite a psychological blow, returned with his subordinates to Victory Valley in a rather lonesome manner. He wasn’t particularly worried of the subordinates Persephone left...

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